Run Steamfish:PK++ 0.7

Theres a new update available for your favorite PK mod! It has some new features as there is scoreboard packetloss, referee, restartmap,…Please bear in mind 0.7 is still a beta version. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

FIX: Ping issues on PK++ server
FIX: Map change code tweak (related to autorecord)
FIX: Demolist
FIX: Crosshairsize now works correct from the menu
FIX: Armour not showing in spectator mode in simplehud
FIX: Bots stubbing noses in fights on corners
ADD: Optional coloured icons for hud Cfg.ColouredIcons | \colouredicons [0/1]
ADD: Optional desaturated-colour scoreboard Cfg.AltScoreboard | \altscoreboard [0/1]
ADD: Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocation = true/false , Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationX, Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationY
ADD: Restartmap , starts new map without reloading the map (or optionally \restartmap)
ADD: Cfg.BotQuickRespawn added for quicker bot respawn
ADD: Cfg.BotFakePing (visual only)
ADD: \saferespawn [0/1]
ADD: Forcespec / Cfg.Forcespec – forces newcomers to a game into specmode regardless of join type
ADD: Cfg.AutoTeamLock = true/false – Automatically locks the teams in the last second on pre-match count down
ADD: TeamLock | teamlock [0/1] – keeps specs from joining game.
ADD: \exec | \writeconfig added
ADD: Rcon, Cfg.RconPass | \rconpass on client and server, then \rcon on client
ADD: Referee. Like rcon but only on callvote-allowed commands. Referees can be callvoted, or use RefPass in the same way as RconPass.
ADD: Scoreboard packetloss Cfg.ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [true/false] | \ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [0/1]
ADD: DuelQueue (Cfg.DuelQueue), will swap loser with spec who has waited longest on starting a new map
ADD: Cfg.AutoStatsDump – Dumps the weapon stats to a file (on server or client).
CHANGE: Bot goal location movement tweak
CHANGE: Cfg.CrosshairNamesDisabledInDuel added
CHANGE: Game uses restartmap for normal map changes
CHANGE: botminplayers logic tweaked
CHANGE: Falling damage removed from ProPlus mode
CHANGE: Logfile now based per day rather than per server restart per day
CHANGE: StatsDump fixed to request latest stats

As usual, download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here.

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*UPDATE* Minor scoreboard bug fixed, run Steamfish again to update.