CAL Painkiller

CAL has recently announced a PK-Invite league. It will be made up of the people who make it to the 2nd round of season 1 playoffs and certain other invites.

There also seems to be a bit of interest in the community for a CAL PK 2v2 league. However, before one can be started, we need a significant number of teams. For anyone who is interested, please post your teams name, your name, and your partners name on this thread. Post them in that order and please just one post per team.

Thanks for your continued support.

PK++ supports v1.64

A little update today. PK++ 0.9 has been made compatible with patch v1.64. It also contains a few minor fixes and changes. Please bear in mind 0.9 ( now) is still a beta version. I suggest you to read to readme located in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

CHANGE: Support for PCF version 1.64
CHANGE: Cfg.RocketFix default set to true
FIX: Pitabot minor fix for players joining game
FIX: Removed temptation to add old changelog to current version to make it seem more
FIX: Freezer is now showing on simplehud
FIX: Ammobackground is now working correct on simplehud
ADD: \version command to check local PK++ version
ADD: DisableHud [0/1] disables hud for map images
ADD: \camerayaw | \camerapitch for mapper image support

Download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it.

*UPDATE* Some extras added (run Steamfish again or grab Standalone Installer):

ADD: Orange and Pink options for brightskins
CHANGE: Low gfx effects re-enabled
FIX: Low gfx settings causing gradual fps loss
FIX: PCF bug, decal stay time set to Off failed to save to config
ADD: \nodecals [0/1] for toggling decal rendering ingame
ADD: Cfg.ShowTimerShadow, Cfg.ShowFPSShadow, Cfg.ShowPingShadow added

Oh, and DM_Q1KMB and DM_Lukin were added. 🙂