WT Stop Sweden

The World Tour stop in Sweden is well under way with most of the field now eliminated. fnatic.Vo0 and Fatal1ty remain the only individuals in the Winners bracket while fnatic.Ztrider, 4K^Zaccubus, fnatic.gellehsak, check6\lexer, SK|zyz and stermy remain in the lower brackets.

Its anyones tournament but the sensible money has to be on yet another Fata / Vo0 final. Who will it be?!? Catch the excellent coverage (as always) from TSN via TVSN HERE. Brackets for all the matches HERE and HERE. GL to All remaining!

Seedings cpl sweden

the seedings are made by the point standings as usual, enjoy!

CPL World Tour Final Seedings – Sweden

Seed Competitor

1 Sander Kaasjager (fnatic.Vo0)
2 Benjamin Bohrmann (SK|zyz)
3 Johnathan Wendel (fatal1ty)
4 Alessandro Avallone (stermy)
5 Stephan Lammert (SK|SteLam)
6 Alexey Nesterov (check6\\\\lexer)
7 Sean Price (Team3D.daler)
8 Nicola Geretti (ForresT)
9 Andrew Ryder (fnatic.gellehsak)
10 Alex Ingarv (fnatic.Ztrider)
11 David Treacy (4K^Zaccubus)
12 Mark Larsen (wombat)
13 Fredrik Edesäter (riZe`Aim)
14 Vincenzo Daurelio (Booms)
15 Viktor Liljeblad (d.worre)
16 Dan Marshall (KuuLa)
17 Dennis Heimbert (riZe`snapcase)
18 christian Dotzki (check6\\deatz)
19 Riccardo Zanocchio (Vicious)
20 Teppei Terabe (SIGUMA)
21 Antti Tolvanen (FC-Gaming Rat)
22 Johan Hessedahl (EYE-sakh)
23 Deniz Kalkmann (d.reptile)
24 Christian Lains (CLains)
25 Fredrik HÃ¥kansson (team9|tRONic)
26 Corbin Crnkovic (check6\\cbnz)
27 Carlos Cid (dj)
28 James Potts (sypher|acelethal)
29 Joakim Malmquist (Radical)
30 Karl-erik Danielsson (riZe`tybalt)
31 Iisaki Ahonen (FC-Gaming Beam)
32 Remco Rijskamp (Xhep)
33 Anton Botvalde (DP)
34 Henri Ignatius (mNc)
35 Thore Engdal (it-colzjeK)
36 Henrik Dahl (InsG|Jagad)
37 Kenneth Ros (zhaho)
38 Aaron Foster (4K^Razorb)
39 Pawel Jablonski
40 Roberth Wiik (F.A.)
41 Jouni Huuskonen (drk)
42 Tony Jonsson
43 Pierre Forsberg pavlov (quKie)