The CPL has made a small press release concerning the Turkey WT stop:

Due to inclement weather conditions, the Istanbul International Airport in Turkey has been closed. Most other methods of transportation to and within Istanbul are partially disabled. Because there is not a foreseeable end to the record-breaking winter storms occurring in Turkey, the CPL World Tour Turkey Stop has been postponed.

At this time, the CPL is negotiating with airlines to assist the event participants with flight reservations in getting the dates for their reservations changed.

Additional information will be provided in a more detailed press notice to be released later today.


The CPL announced earlier today that the launch of the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour that was to occur with the first Stop in Istanbul, Turkey from February 10 to February 13 has been postponed due to inclement weather.

However, Intel has agreed to sponsor an official $20,000 Painkiller World Tour Spain Qualifier for those players who are already on site or who have non-refundable flight tickets and wish to travel to Turkey despite the harsh weather conditions.

To minimize travel risks for the attendees, the qualifier will be held at the Radisson SAS Hotel this Friday, February 10, and not at the CNR EXPO as previously planned.

Rescheduled dates for the $50,000 World Tour Stop in Istanbul, Turkey will be announced later today. Competitors already qualified for the Turkey Stop will remain qualified despite the schedule change.

***UPDATE #2***

The CPLs Strategic Partners in Turkey have announced that there will not be an admission charge for the Tour Qualifier, and that the other side-tournaments will be held as previously scheduled.

***UPDATE #3***

CPL CEO Angel Munoz statement in the CPL forum:

The $50,000 Tour has been rescheduled and we are holding a $20,000 qualifier this week. My math shows that is a 40% increase in prizes for two events in Turkey.

The World Tour is not only a tournament, but also a media opportunity for the sport. If our media partners, and some sponsors have canceled their trips and we cannot hold our televised cultural tour then it is not in our best interest to hold the Tour Stop.

Furthermore, there has been almost 700 traffic accidents since the storm hit, including one involving the truck that was carrying our tournament computers, which got mostly destroyed and staff member Scott Valencia was bruised up during this unfortunate incident.

Things like this happen in life, and now its time for the pro-gamers to show some professionalism and understand that we are thinking of the sport and of their safety; and nothing else.

In fact, the only reason we are even holding the Tour Qualifier is because some people are finding it impossible to cancel their tickets (or are already in Istanbul) and we want to make sure their trip there is not wasted.

Many people, including myself, have canceled their trips.

Source: www.thecpl.com

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  1. on inpainkiller.de they wrote that the airport at this time is open for all international flights..
    I bet the MTV reporters didnt want to make it to the snow… so you better cancel the whole event before you don’t get any coverage.
    Oh wait.. TsN are there… so you better cancel the whole event before you get only bad coverage!

  2. Even though 1.61 is a bugged out ant farm, how can anybody assume THAT is the reason for the cancel? I think that is being a weeee bit too cynical and frankly, is borderline absurd.

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