Painkiller: BooH GOLD!

Its finally happened, Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell has gone GOLD. Heres the press release:

Paris, France – November 8, 2004 – DreamCatcher Games today announced Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell has reached gold status. The Expansion Pack for the award-winning Windowsยฎ FPS, Painkiller, will begin shipping to North American retailers on November 11th and will begin releasing across Europe on November 24th.

Picking up where the games story left off, Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell offers multiple features to extend enjoyment of this spectacular shooter. Using code from the 1.5 update, the Expansion Pack includes an additional single-player chapter with 10 levels, as well as new multiplayer modes, maps and models. It will also offer an amplified arsenal of un-deadly weapons, bigger and badder bosses and the map editor Software Development Kit.

“Painkiller fans are going to be very happy with Battle Out Of Hell,” said Richard Wah Kan, DreamCatchers CEO and President. “The levels are bigger, the gameplay is more intense, and if you can believe it, the monsters are even more terrifying.”

A shooter in its purest form, Painkiller boasts truly inspired graphics and some of the most intimidating level bosses ever seen. Utilizing the Havok 2.0 physics engine, the game continues to achieve new heights of physics-based game play while the latest version of the “PAIN Engine” cranks out an unbelievably high polygon count, and exciting new features like heat and haze distortion, light blooms, spectacular pixel mapping, new shader effects, tweaks for the latest video cards and an improved networking core.

Wooooooooooo!! Let the games begin II. ๐Ÿ™‚

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0 thoughts on “Painkiller: BooH GOLD!

  1. I bought the game this morning and I’ve played about a dozen games thus far with a 60 or so ping on a few different servers. I’m on a good ADSL connection (3.0Mbps/384Kbps) and I’m experiencing frequent choppiness throughout gameplay. Perhaps there are network tweaks and stuff server admins and clients can change that everyone is unaware of at the moment. But as of right now, Painkiller’s netcode is horrid out of the box.

    On a side note, I’ve played a few games on the LAN with my roommate and I must say it’s awsome. Extremely smooth and fluid. Once I connect to an online server though forget it.

  2. This game is actually brilliant.. it got everything a fast actioned player need.. okej i can admitt.. some things can be changed.. as shaft/electrodriver .. but from that i just love this game.. good graphic enginge.. fast action.. and specially the new mod.. people can fly.. 1 room only air rockets.. i thought that it was gonna be shit but nopp.. it owns!! and im looking forward to see 100mb servers up soon!.. it will purely own everything!!
    Some people whine about the netcode.. the netcode is better then i tought it would be.. actually .. it feels very smooth with 40 ms!! so good work.. looking forward to see shaft getting fixed and some small movement bugs!

  3. Wait and see.. when 100mbit servers are getting up.. it will own..! the servers you play at right now is ADSL for the most.. soon it will be sponsored by TNX/Boomtown/JOLT etc.. and then you wont whine on the netcode ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i havent really played above ping 40.. but its really smooth, i went on a euro server for a sec and it was basicially impossible to play on.. the shaft needs to be fixed, i stick my crosshair on the enemy and it just doesnt really work at all lol.. and there needs to be fullbright skins.. its too hard to get the skins to work.. i still cant. :\ netcode needs some work, but no game can be perfect the day of release, remember that.

  5. multiplayer comment:

    uhh, my mouselook shouldn’t be affected by my ping. that alone makes this pretty much unplayable on the net. fyi i was playing with ~45 ping and it was quite apparent. it should be dealt with like in quake (and even unreal iirc); lag should only be percieved when you shoot or are shot – in other words, character movement (especially mouse movement) shouldn’t feel laggy just because i’m not playing LAN. if i shoot rl and there is a delay before the rocket flys out, that is to be expected. there shouldn’t be a delay if i want to look to my left or right.

  6. I think cGu`Prox is correct; that a lot of people are talking about the netcode where people are running ‘unofficial’ servers for the game off their (A)DSL connections, where they are not able to get onto official ones.

    TBH, regardless whether it is PK or any other game, they are going to find this laggy.

  7. Well i played the whole evening and…
    – the netcode doesn’t feel that good, many lags etc.. but well to few servers right now to judge
    – i dont like the movement. Fast movement is nice but fast and hard to master is better and it s a pity that there’s no more double jump
    – maps are great but too few of them
    – weaps are ok (stake and rl are great imo) but rl shouldnt have an alternate fire (which should be another weapon)
    – the spawning weapon is way too powerfull and easy too use at close range (but needs skill @ far-range)

    well the game needs some tweaks but i think that it will be GREAT


  8. First of all, single player is pretty fun, I’ll give it that before moving on to multiplayer.

    RE: multiplayer lag / mouse lag

    I actually don’t think what I mentioned in my earlier post is a problem with the server. I thought about it and I think i understand why it happens.

    In quake games, a player has a big square hitbox that doesn’t coincide with the player model you see, that determines whether they get hit or not. In PK, that’s not the case, so if you shoot a stake between someone’s legs it will not count as a hit. This is actually pretty cool in single player.

    However, the advantage to having a big rectangular quake style hitbox is that when doing the netcode, you don’t have to worry about which way other players are facing. So in quake, your mouse movement (which determines which way your model is facing) is done instantly on the clientside, then sent to the server. Other players see you turn slightly later, but it doesn’t matter in terms of hit detection – a shot will hit you whether you’re facing forward or sideways, so the server doesn’t care if it’s a little late recieving your orientation.

    With PKs accurate hit detection, player model orientation actually plays a factor in determining whether you get hit and take damage or not; if my enemy is facing me, the stake might go between his legs, whereas if he’s facing sideways it should hit his legs. So when you move your mouse to change your orientation, that info has to go to the server and back before you see it happen.

    I think that’s what’s causing the mouse lag or percieved choppiness in movement.

    That being said, it seems like they still could have done the netcode quake style, either by adopting one big rectangular hitbox or not caring whether the client screen matches the server’s idea of player orientation. It’s not like people are going to say “hey i was facing you, and that stake was about knee level, and it should have went between my legs instead of hit me!”

    Anyway the whole point is this: in multiplayer, having instantaneous clientside mouse movement (and ideally, instantaneous perceived player movement for the client too) is far, far more important than whether shots can fly over my shoulder or under my arm or between my legs.

  9. i’m really dissapointed in the multiplayer, basicly nothing have changed from the alpha-versions.. this is not a finished game(mp-wise). guess that we’ll have to w8 for patches and hope that they listen to the gamers opinions on changes that should be made.

  10. the multiplayer is really boring with too few maps, only 3 player models, the movement feels like ass compared to quakeworld, what can I say… and I won’t even mention the netcode. I second the comment above, the game hasnt changed at all since alpha

  11. I haven’t played it YET, but i will ofcourse. I think many people are forgetting it is a NEW game, not qw with beautiful graphics.

    I’m a qw player also, but i think you just have to get used to the movement / weapons.

  12. After all the comments on the MP aspect of the game, I thought I would comment on the single-player portion, which is, in a word, brilliant. I started up on the normal mode but notched it up to insane, and I knew from the moment I started buzzing through hordes of skeletons with the Painkiller and launching them with the shotgun that it was going to be great. Really, it’s some of the most satisfying FPS goodness I’ve ever had.

  13. I just love the single player!
    You must play it to believe it.

    Multiplayer, havent tried that one yet. Probably gonna test it out after I cleared single player and they have released a patch for the netcode…

  14. How do I kill/get past the monster at the end of the catacombs? (the guy in the cavern with the firepit who chases you around and knocks you up in the air). I’ve emptied all my weapons to zero effect, and I can’t see a way out of the cavern. Please help!

  15. How do I kill/get past the monster at the end of the catacombs? (the guy in the cavern with the firepit who chases you around and knocks you up in the air). I’ve emptied all my weapons to zero effect, and I can’t see a way out of the cavern. Please help!

  16. How do I kill/get past the monster at the end of the catacombs? (the guy in the cavern with the firepit who chases you around and knocks you up in the air). I’ve emptied all my weapons to zero effect, and I can’t see a way out of the cavern. Please help!

  17. the singleplayer is very fun imho and good . WHile the mp got its flaws , i didnt really enjoyd it .. the lag .. maps , rl is too overpowerd .. spawns ..

  18. I’m having an insane amount of lag problems. It’s still incredibly jerky/choppy on the server. Any plans on getting this fixed soon? Is it still effecting everyone?

  19. “It will also offer an amplified arsenal of un-deadly weapons…”

    Can someone explain what does he mean with un-deadly weapons exactly ??

  20. Burnie — You kill the undead in Painkiller, so having an un-deadly weapon is the same as saying having any kind of NEW weapon.

    Lets see, if we were fighting Angels I suppose we could then call them new Angelic weapons.

    Where the hell were you in this tounry by the way?


  21. LOOOLL!!!!
    America 11th europe in the 24th
    so what the fuck
    i mean
    it was the same with doom3 in the beginning
    Released in USA
    oh Quakecon after the game is out in europe for 5 days and in USA for 14 days
    oh nice Fatality won and is the worlds best d3 player ??

    And now the same in Painkiller CPL
    Europe with 13 Days less of practice
    and thats alot if u compare about 6 Weeks to 4 Weeks.

    So CPL want to be Pro so than they have to make sure that everyone is able to receive the game at the same time for fairplay !

  22. don’t think so, BooH needs original Painkiller to run, there’s only add-on, not a single game. so i think CD-key shouldn’t change.

  23. Most mission packs feature their own unique CD key, dont see why this shouldnt be the case for BOOH. This means that you need both a PK CD key and a BOOH CD key to play online.

  24. Burnie it’s an expansion pack not a new game, and you don’t even know if the CPL will be using it. If you want it so bad – import it from america and have it on the 16th.

  25. it’s not our fault. and it’s not like ur going to be that far behind in 13 days. u’ll catch up in a week easily.

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