4K & Intel eec3

Jolt, the company that are running the online side of this competition have released details on their qualifyers. Firstly, 16 players out of the 128 have been seeded, these players are:

Zaccubus, Maniax, Jinjur, KuuLa, Timber, Tek, Appz, Razorb, SLAYER, Mauler, AphexTwin, Turk1sh, Xaku, Scotsman, crasH, and Zaf

They will be put straight through to the double elimination section of the tournament beginning on the 23rd of november. Which will be using a map rotation of: fallen2te, sacred, psycho in that order.

4kings | Jolt

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0 thoughts on “4K & Intel eec3

  1. no that isnt what attracted me to pk. the quake style gameplay attracted me, and i like FRJ means alot faster games and some awesome frags and games to watch.

  2. is it possible to do a frj manually? Have I missed something, it just doesn’t seem possible due to only having air control in the direction you leave the ground, so you can’t spin round fire a rocket and then turn back to face the way you’re flying without stopping?

  3. Yep acidic, manual FRJ’ing is possible, as is doing 180 and keeping full speed while bunnyhopping, they are both hard to do though (as they should be).

    ZaF: I am not saying remove FRJ from the game of course, I am saying auto-FRJ should be disabled. While it’s good to have things like that which can help less-able players enjoy the game more, removing challenges and decreasing the potential skill level is never a good thing imo.

    IMO games like this are supposed to offer depth and challenging gameplay, to separate the men from the boys, otherwise we’d all be playing counterstrike or something.

  4. I like games more with FRJ off. If it’s on, domination can be way to easy. Makes it boring.
    It does add a few tactical things though but not enough to enable it =p

  5. the gameplay is good in PK, everyone can RJ atm, so why make it mroe difficult. PK’s gameplay is focussing more on aim and reflexes.

    Still; the game should be more playable. I dont like lagging/delaying at any given time… call me a whiner but when I play QW after some games of PK it feels so goddamn smooth!


  6. i think movement should be like cpm and therefore we can do frj manually, i never liked scripts or sumthing (actually i do rj manually always in pk as in q3)

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