CPL Take Over

Earlier today the CPL announced they have cut a deal with Dreamcatcher Interactive that gives them worldwide rights for the use of multiplayer painkiller in any online or live tournament with cash or merchandise prizes. From now on anyone that is wanting to host a Painkiller tournament will have to get in touch with the cpl and get the necessary approval before doing so.

What will come of this I dont know, it all depends on how lenient the CPL decide to be with their new powers. I do know that it will cause a fuss for a lot of people in the same way SKY tv did when they bought the rights to show all Premiership matches. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

In the same anouncement, the cpl also let us know that three new Painkiller multiplayer maps are in the making. These three maps are designed by Todd Rose (Mr.CleaN), Richard Heath (Charon) and Russel Meakim (castle) of Ritual Entertainment and they are due for release on or before Monday, November 29.

With BooH coming in 6 days, and these maps just 3 days after, it looks like we will have our hands full with new things to play with!

The CPL | Ritual Entertainment

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  1. pushlatency 25 = cl_timenudge -25 ?

    Yup… but you can’t conpare it directly with Q3. The server tickrate means that there is (1000/20-1000/45) ~28ms less lag from the update rate (or up to 39ms on default 90sfps settings).

  2. .. Too technically for me 😐
    Is it possible for you to give some examples for ADSL connections who have avout 256kbit upload?

  3. .. Too technically for me 😐
    Is it possible for you to give some examples for ADSL connections who have avout 256kbit upload?

  4. Cfg.NetUpdateMaxPacketSize = 600 (was 700 for Blowfish)
    Cfg.NetUpdateSendPeriod = 10
    Cfg.PlayerPrediction = true
    Cfg.NewPrediction = false
    Cfg.PushLatency = 25

    Irish ADSL 512K, connecting to UK & EU servers works well for me…
    Average ping is 45-55 in duels, thats a drop of 30% 😀

    for FFA 8 players it hits 70 – 80 rather than 110+…

    I’ll be trying to set the pushlatency a little lower and see what happens…

    But its a major improvement as it is

  5. hi all, im a pk-nub, espacially in tweaking, can anybody gimme an example for 1024 downstream and 512 upstream?

    thx in advance

  6. what next? Intel and Ritual signing a deal which prohibits any1 to play PK on a non-Intel-CPU?

    IANAL, but I seriously doubt that this “deal” has any legal consequences, in the majority of european countries at least.

    Unless some1 provides any precedence, or some1 educated in law gives an reasonable argument why i should give a flying fuck about such tries to intimidate paying customers(!),
    im gonna regard this as major FUD and ignore it.


  7. “This year the ESWC host tournaments for counter strike, warcraft 3, and a game that we cannot disclose but it begins with P and ends in R. SIGN UP NOW!!” — KuuLa

  8. Any tournaments with combined prizes of 2,000 USD or less are fine and do not need to send applications to CPL. Neither CPL or DreamCatcher will charge for tournament use of the game.

    -Angel, CPL

  9. good news then from Angel that the smaller tournaments are not affected. I can’t see WCG and ESWC lowering their prize fund to $2000 though 🙂

  10. Big tourneys would need to send applications, will they need to pay? or do they just need to use the same rules as CPL?

  11. perhaps to enforce the same format and ruleset for all big tournaments? That would be a pretty good reason, allthough money sounds more likely 🙁

  12. “Our intent is to establish standards and rules in using the game at major tournaments.” – Angel

    this is great for e-sports

  13. Angel does a lot of nice things and sometimes “not so nice” things. But he always has a reason as far as i can see, and if we want gaming to become some grand sports thingy, then we need to pay for it. Like in all other sports that have gone through this development, more money=more companies involved and more buisness deals to get them there. CPL buying rights to pk means they can get more exclusive sponsor deals(i think) and that means the sport grows larger, which is what we want?

  14. elnino, yes I agree, perhaps a moldable PK with an obsequious DC is what the CPL and ultimately ‘esports’ need.

    Whether ‘esports’ is what mp gaming needs is of course another question.

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