The After Effects

Now that the CPL control what happens with competitive Painkiller, what will happen at events such as WCG and ESWC? Will people still be playing Quake 3 and UT2004, Doom 3 maybe? Well our close friend macR from d3euro managed to get a comment from the ESWC president, Matthieu Dallon on this matter:

“We will make our announcement in December. We knew for a while the CPL had exclusivity for Painkiller, and you are right, there is a big question around the FPS game(s) selected for ESWC 05 (official or masters).”

So there you have it, if the top guy doesnt know, who knows!? Looks like we will have to wait untill December for this one.


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  1. yea, why dont bab join them and he fix the weapon/map balance. And let yar and his friends fix all commands/hud etc.
    Would be sweet.

  2. They have no relations nor contact with comp. mod creators. Many features are doubled in both mods so I don’t really think that there is need to join them.

    btw. yar stands for yareq 😛

  3. exactly mogu, the best thing would be as i said before.
    bab have the weapon/map balancing while the guys that work with chains now fix the hud/commands.
    This way we would get a good mod without splitting the scene even more..

  4. the weap balance is almost done by bab already. The weaps are good in his compmode0.2, let chainsmod add the pause referee vote stuff! bab did his research for weaps, chainsmod developers should not reinvent the wheel:/

    no splitting in scene plz…

  5. Ya it’s essential bab and the chain.mod team merge asap so that bab’s good work on balancing the game is seconded by chain.mod’s great features.
    Everyone will benefit that, including the mod developpers themselves. 🙂

    Please please please don’t start a competition between who wants to achieve the best mod or we’ll end up with a major split in the community which is already struggling to get to a decent size.

  6. ROFL, making different games destroyed games community by fragmentation :pppppp

    Ahahaha… I want to choose between many many many mods !
    Good mods always gets mny players in. I prefer to play a good mod then this beta game. They are to lazy to make something good, not even loading custom config files…

    Argh im talking shit, have to play q3 until there is a good OSP like mod

  7. Hopefully PCF will endorse and include many of the features common to both mods. I wouldn’t underestimate what PCF are prepared to do.

    From the POV of community fragmentation, the intention of the pkeuro modding forum is to try and prevent that… to provide a shared resource which has no bias to one mod or another, where modders and gamers can share their ideas/work for the benefit of the community as a whole. The only thing which will stop this and fragment/destroy the community will be that that modders are too proud to work this way.

    I hope both groups and anyone else intending to build on the game recognises how important this is, and not be condemned to repeat the mistakes of previous games so soon.

  8. yeah i tottaly agree with Loco.
    I hate the rockets. its feels so weird when the rockets actually comes from the middle instead of the tip of the gun.

    this should be priority nr1 ;D

  9. blowfish, the 1.2 patch from pcf can take 1 day, but also it can take 2months or ever 5-6.
    We dont know that, but mods from the community have contact with the players…

  10. instasina , my comment was about community fragmentation. I’m not suggesting that PCF are the solution, I’m suggesting community fragmentation is detrimental for everyone; and offering a solution aside from the issue of waiting for PCF patches which I hope would capture the acceptable changes anyway.

  11. To blowfish. \’I wouldnt underestimate what they are willing to do\’. I dont want them to do anything else except very core stuff like great netcode/prediction/whatever and releasing all tools/sdk. Once these mods get serious (chains.mod and compmode both look very serious to me) they will far outclass what any developer is willing to do. Look into the past for proof. No game as far as i can remember ever came with tools as decent and usefull as for example osp. None! Their game is finished. They are ironing out the last real flaws. They will not spend as much time as any serious modmaker on polishing. Nor will they be able to judge and decide what features are really important or need to be added. I remember for q3 that jc was talking to modmakers. Like osp and ra. About what needed to be added. As far as i could tell none of those features made it into vq3. Developers just not seem willing to finish their games to the extent of osp. There have been enough examples over the past few years of what fps players really want. Its just not happening with games that come out of the box. No doubt its a simple money issue. Im not trying to crush your confidence towards pcf or saying pcf sucks. But i dont think you can expect that much of them. Their game is finished. If they wanted to add those features they would have allready done so. Same goes for weapons. So many beta testers said they made suggestions that are now echoed by the community and implement in compmode for example. If they had wanted to put that work into it, they would allready have.

    If this sounds like an attack im sorry. I just wonder where your faith towards pcf comes from. Everything they released in their patches up to today was basic stuff. Fixes. Decrease splash on rl. Wowie. Make the lightning gun actually work. All they did was remove a bug. They didnt even add knockback to it. Nah, these mods (hopefully just one really big one) are the future. Not waiting on pcf to patch some bugs out.

  12. There is now a section on the modding forums for Chains.mod. I spoke to Yareq last night and he will be posting sometime today hopefully with plans etc. He also mentioned that hes not against working with Bab on a “community” mod. Lets see 🙂

  13. Fragmentiation isnt what we want. But we want good mods that will improve the game. It would be great to see the two mods become one. The weaponbalancing is stuff we really need and we also need the fixes included in this mod.
    One thing i would like to see is hitsounds. That is something i personally like. Dont know what you think about that.
    Talking of fragmentation, isnt there another mod coming up called DSMod or something?

  14. btw. “bab did his research for weaps, chainsmod developers should not reinvent the wheel:/”

    Actually, one of Chains developer, nickname “Soft” is author of LScript – probably first weapon changing/balancing PK modyfication. After DSMod project started readers proposed them to join forces, and now we have Chains. Also they did (thx to own research about weap balance.
    Still Chainst weapon changes aren’t sure – I mean if they will be optional or if they will be forced.

    It’s easy to say “join mods” but actually I think bab must say something first. Offert must be good for both sides (and Chains look stronger atm).

  15. [quote]Actually, one of Chains developer, nickname “Soft” is author of LScript[/quote]

    I will be suprised if we ever see a map editor for Painkiller. Who wants to be playing the current levels a year from now?

  16. PFC should first fix the fucking Netcode. The prediction Code sucks hell. On my PC, im not able to play the Game lagfree aswel 🙁

    Fix the Netcode, let the Community do their rest to improve the Game and release the SDK/Mappingstuff and dont “work” again on the Game. Cause you (PCF) wont hear to the Community. There several examples: Stakegun, RL/CG Damage (Weapon Balance)etc..

    PCF has failed their Job (its not an attack but my oppinion).

    Fragmentaion? Damnit ! I dont want to see the same shit like Q3 with OSP and CPMA… Scene has been splittet…. Most of the Tournaments was played with OSP (addiontal the Netcode sucks from this MOD!). A few Leagues supportet CPMA with CPM Tournaments but OSP was the ONE Mod… This sucks more than hell 🙁

    I played CPMA myself ~3 Years (PM1DA/CA) and a few times OSP but i prefered most Netcode by CPMA !

    PCF should do their best do get the Netcode at least like OSP but CPMA would be creat. This should not a “flame” to create the Game like CPMA. If i want this, i can play Arqons Mod. Sorry but i love the Netcode of CPMA.

    For the guys which want to flame: STFU! I like PK like you but im getting crazy with this retarded Netcode.

    I hope PCF will be able to fix this (removing Havok as they said with 1.2). Im looking forward to this Patch and i hope we all can enjoy the Game more like know (except the “bugs” :D)

  17. oh yeah the grenade launcher, can u make it shoot from the gun too, it makes me think its shooting off to the left if i have view guns on. heh

  18. Yes netcode is really shit !
    In Q3 OSP 60 ping is 60 ping, in PK it says 60 but in fact its 300 ping if not more…

    Dunno if you guys have same impression but its really frustrating. There is some poor oommands but nothing really sophisticated nor original. Not even timenudge command for High pinged players…

    Please guys, implement some more USEFULL commands(custom configs, allow different settings for each wpn as FOV, SENSITIVITY, CROSSHAIRE …) and please display REAL PING !!

    good night ppl =)

  19. Any chance to include a vote for Rocket Arena mod ? 100% based on Chainsmod modification each team spawns with 200/200 all weapon and the last team with a player aline won the round. put a maxround and that’s it.

  20. What will happen with ESWC? I dunno, but i alredy know that they didnt send our prize money (ESWC2004) =( (Quake 3 Arena).
    And it first that i’m worry about. Heh, where ESWC get money if they didnt give our prize. So, suxxxx.

  21. There’s a demo of lexer stomping daler up at gotfrag now…I’d recommend a download 🙂 It is interesting how Lexer plays…he almost never bunny hops. Really enjoying listening to matches…can’t wait to watch some 😮

  22. I jsut watched that demo of Lexer vs daler. I have a playstyle extremely similar to lexer’s; but in duels people kept telling me to ditch that method and jsut keep moving quickly. It’s so interesting seeing all the different playstyles develop from these great players.

  23. Lexer got a very interesting playstyle. I bet that if he does good in any major event, there will be lots of people copying him 🙂

  24. Def not a spazzy style. You can make damn sure if he fires a rocket that sucker is going to hit. He seems to keep is cool during fire fights. He doesn’t seem to physically get excited or over anxious.

  25. Don’t think thats a style really.. Just don’t think he got enough movment skills.. Look at gellesakhs demos, i think he is way better.. But if they meet in the finals we will see :]

  26. gelle is better, just because lexer has played 2 and half weeks.

    lexer relies on aim more than movement and control of the map, if he can hit gelle and slow him down, he’s taking away from andy’s strongpoint of movement, and lexer can probably outaim him

  27. what lexer does IS a style. after 3 weeks you will have very decent movement, its just that lexer choses not to move alot

  28. Oh yeah, he definitely has nice can see he does a lot of nice jumps around the gold area. I never even thought of doing that jump where he starts on the bridge-like thing right above teleporter with no speed and jumps around the piller onto gold. He just doesn’t bunnyhop a lot in combat it seems.

  29. well, i think it lookes like he keeps speed in combat etc. But if he gets slowed he doesnt try to gain it again, jumping in rl combat makes you very predictable if you dont have good speed.

  30. Clains, we all have a certain way of playing (you, me and everybody else). I guess I just called it style. He played like that in Q3 as well. If it’s not a style, what is it?

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