New Ritual/CPL Maps v1.0!

The CPL has announced that Ritual have released the final versions of their new duel maps. Weve been waiting for the arting to be complete for a few weeks now and you can now make your final conclusions on the maps. Heres the news from the CPL themselves:

At the request of the CPL, game developer Ritual Entertainment created three new one-versus-one multiplayer maps for Painkiller. The new maps are:

DM_Absinthe by Todd Mr Clean Rose
DM_Ballistic by Russell Castle Meakim
DM_5quid01 by Richard Charon Heath

Download the final version maps here.

DM_Absinthe was used in last weekends Dignitas/pkeuro tournament and had mixed reactions from the players. Let us know what you think of the maps in the comments to this post 🙂

DM_Absinthe DM_Ballistic DM_5quid01

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0 thoughts on “New Ritual/CPL Maps v1.0!

  1. they all look good of course, however absinthe doesnt seem to play that well… should give ballistic a try in that jolt tourney, since squid has 1.35 issues (im pretty sure after looking at the map, it has to do with the creator putting in the blue ctf lights.)

  2. the second release of absinthe was much better than the current one. the GA-placement and all the stairs really slowed it down compared to its earlier incarnation.

  3. keep in mind these maps are made for booh…..
    the way u jump up ramps and stairs is different in booh and absinthe is a fast map in booh, not in 1.35

  4. That is true. All you really have to do is tap the spacebar, you needn’t matter about timing and you will fly up stairs in BOOH.

  5. “keep in mind these maps are made for booh…..
    the way u jump up ramps and stairs is different in booh and absinthe is a fast map in booh, not in 1.35”

    thank god

  6. Verry nice Maps!
    Only 1Bug in DM_Ballistic (Airspawn), but since B00h iknow: Airspawns will come great:D

  7. and also a small FPS drops sometimes (i play always on ‘very low’ architecure details etc.) when many players are on the map (only on Absinthe and Ballistic). but it may be uncommon problem 😉 – i’ve noticed that, so i must say it. the problem doesn’t exist on 5quid01.

    Petja: hehe, airspawns roxx 😛

  8. I personally like DM_Ballistic at best. Very good layout and placements imho.
    All maps have superb art and nice graphics though 😉

  9. All of the maps look beautiful. I don’t feel like they offer the best gameplay PK can provide, though. I feel restricted moving around these maps because it seems like there is no floorspace to move around on. It seems like all you can do is go straight ahead at high speeds.. it doesn’t seem like there’s much space for players with skilled movement to work with (aside from a trick jump here and there).

    Of the three, I think absinthe is the most promising in terms of gameplay. Maybe this is because it is the smallest and least complex. I’m not sure.

    I don’t understand why things on Ballistic were not tuned to keep from slowing player movement (use ramps instead of rubble pile?). Ballistic has some areas with good floor space but somehow I can’t feel the flow of the map. Maybe it will grow on me.

    5quid probably feels the most restricting in terms of movement for me. It seems like there is plenty of speed to be had on the map, but if the players are stopped for a fight (which they will probably have to do because there isn’t much room to continue moving while in a fight), the gameplay won’t feel right.

  10. I think all these maps are really good, and play really well. I’m looking forwared to dm_lukin being added to the cpl map list aswell

  11. We’ve fixed 5quid in the latest release of the maps. It was busted with a bloomFX error, and has been confirmed to work in 1.35 now. =)

  12. Unless you provided feedback, and you did not see your suggestion happen, IMO you simply shoulnd’t even comment on how you feel about the maps if you have a negative perspective, AND if you knew you COULD give feedback. Those clowns didn’t do anything but listen to feedback and change the maps. Listen some more… then change again. Sometimes adding stuff themselves and getting more feedback.

    So I just don’t get how you can’t understand some things Tectonic, when I don’t understand this.

    They did everything in there own power to make the maps we wanted them to make. The blame falls on our shoulders. Not their shoulders.

  13. Put a news on main page about what Charon said because all servers still have this broken version of 5quid01.

    BTW I like all maps, but I agree 1.5 is a must for them…

  14. I realize that I didn’t provide any feedback in the CPL map thread aside from the teleport help, but looking back on the thread I can see that my opinions were held and voiced by other people as well (d00bi0us on page 2 seems to practically mirror my own current opinions). Maybe I should have posted saying that I agreed with these other people, but I didn’t exactly feel qualified to remark at the time these maps were in development since I had been with the game for such a short time and didn’t have a grasp on its gameplay. The ritual maps were moving to art phase some time around when I started working on meatless with pha3z and I started to feel a little more qualified (although meatless was HORRIBLE at first – I don’t think I even had a clue about pk gameplay during the first week or two of developing meatless.. and I didn’t get a clue until I spent a lot of time talking to some top players!) to judge gameplay on maps in pk. By then it was obviously too late to make requests to the ritual team (even though my opinions had basically been voiced through others).

    In spite of this, perhaps I should have just kept my mouth shut anyway. It was too late then and it is too late now, so obviously my remarks are not going t make a difference in the maps at this stage. The guys at ritual are professional mappers and it shows in their final products, whether they are 100% to my liking or not. While I still hold my opinions, I’m sorry they weren’t made available as such until now. All I can say is that I hope people are more forgiving with the artistic aspect of meatless when it’s released than I have been with my comments on the gameplay aspect of the ritual maps.

  15. CPL “we have exclusive tournament rights” sucks!!

    But the Maps are great!! Ballistic is my fav. Map!

    Great work Dudes, keep on mapping! 🙂

  16. I hope Zen or Fatal1ty wins. There seems to be so much unrespect to them, so I would get glad if they perform good and put everyone back on their seats as we say in sweden.


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