PK++ was the official mod of the CPL $1000000 World Tour, and was developed with this in mind. The mod forms the basis of how PK MP is played and is installed on the majority of servers. The mod vastly improved the state of the game for multiplayer, adding bots for offline/online play (coded from scratch – PK had *no* internal support for bots), fixing the game physics (significantly improving the game), fixing the netcode so that information can be seen in spectator mode, adding hit sounds and kill sounds, adding in a customisable HUD along with three new scoreboards, adding in mapview for spectator mode as well as several new camera modes. The mod also adds server and client console logging, rcon, and Pitabot scorebot support. The mod also includes a custom updater ‘Steamfish’, which updates the mod to the current version from anywhere on the internet, as well as updating the client with all the latest custom maps.