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ESReality published an interview with Vo0. Its a nice read, here is a part:

I did take a huge risk quiting university (although only being 2 months in), but I knew I had it in me after winning my two first and only tournaments back before the WT game was announced. I've placed really well, only getting 2nd twice, winning $89.500 out of the possible $99.500 after 9 tournaments. I still feel I could have done better but as I said, things go as they go. The thing about people that really want to be a progamer, it is a risk. I took the risk and succeeded, but alot of people will fail and will kill a year in their life (not going to school, not winning enough money to live on). There is no such thing as a written book how to become a progamer, and it's hard to work your way up there. It all came to me, I wasn't expecting anything great at ESWC 2004. I can still remember after winning my second group stage "oh my god I just made at least $1000 playing a computergame". And look at where I'm at now, I could not have made a better choise in my life than I did. But as I said, it doesn't go this way for everyone. Maybe I was lucky that PK was the WT game with such few competitors (although really skilled, Fatal1y/SteLam/ForresT/LeXeR, all reached (near)-god status in their previous games) unlike Q3 which had a huge following. Whenever a game has a huge following it's a lot harder to have only 1 guy winning it all, I think.

You can read the interview here:

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