Client Commands
speedmeter (0 comments)

Shows how fast you are going

timelimit (0 comments)

Time limit before a map change

fraglimit (0 comments)

Frag limit before map change

map (0 comments)

Changes map immediately

god (0 comments)

Puts all players into god mode

pkhaste (0 comments)

SP haste cheat

name (0 comments)

Changes your in-game name

netstats (0 comments)

Gives lots of info of what's going in the
network. It's a summary of the last 5 seconds.

giveall (0 comments)


showweapon (0 comments)

Draws the gun.

fov (0 comments)

Changed the Field Of Vision which you see. The
higher the field of vision, the mode you can see
at an instant, but the lower your aiming accuracy

pkammo (0 comments)

Gives full ammo

msensitivity (0 comments)

Allows the player to adjust the sensitivity of
the mouse

join (0 comments)

"may" allow player to join a team. TBC

msmooth (0 comments)

smoothes out mouse movement

tpp (0 comments)


playerprediction (0 comments)


camerainterpolation (0 comments)


hudsize (0 comments)

modifies the heads up display size on the screen

quit (0 comments)

quits from painkiller

crosshair (0 comments)

modifies the look of the crosshair

pos (0 comments)


rot (0 comments)


dideltascale (0 comments)


weaponspecular (0 comments)


server (0 comments)

Connects to new server

exit (0 comments)

Disconnects from current server

break (0 comments)

Breaks current match

netstats overall (0 comments)

Gives lots of info of what's going in the
network. It's a summary of
everything from the beginning of your connection.

netstats help (0 comments)

Info about the command.

maxpacketsize (0 comments)

Shows how big is the size of the packet that your
game sends. Sometimes the game needs to send
something undividable and bigger than this size -
and it will do it - but generally the game tries
to avoid such situation.

updateparams_myplayer (0 comments)


First parameter is how often the server should
send out new data of the player.

Second parameter says that server should not send
the player's new velocity info if it's not
different by from the last one sent

Third paremeter says that server should not send
the player's new angular velocity info if it's
not different by from the last one sent

Fourth parameter says that server should not send
the player's new position info if it's not
different by from the last one sent

pkkeepbodies (0 comments)

Keeps the bodies forever.

pkkeepdecals (0 comments)

Keeps decals forever (formally known as bullet
holes and blood)

bullettime (0 comments)


pkgold (0 comments)

SP gold cheat

pkpower (0 comments)

Gives full ammo and health

pkweapons (0 comments)

Gives all weapons

pkdemon (0 comments)

Toggles 'demon morph' on/off

pkweakenemies (0 comments)

Toggles 'enemies get 1 health point' on/off

pkalwaysgib (0 comments)

Toggles 'excessive gibbage' on/off

pkgod (0 comments)

Toggles 'god mode' on/off

pkweaponmodifier (0 comments)

Toggles 'weapon modifier mode' on/off

updateparams_physicsitems (0 comments)

Same as for _myplayers but affects physical items
such as barrels

updateparams_projectiles (0 comments)

Same as for _myplayers but affects projectiles
such as rockets/grenades/stakes

q4euro ::

Client Graphics
Cfg.AllowBrightskins (0 comments)

Toggles texture used on player model to be
changed to white.

Cfg.DecalsStayTime (0 comments)

Changed the time which decals remain on the walls.

Cfg.BrightskinColor (0 comments)

Cfg.BrightskinEnemy (0 comments)

Cfg.BrightskinOthers (0 comments)

Cfg.BrightskinTeam (0 comments)

Cfg.CharacterShadow (0 comments)

Cfg.DetailTextures (0 comments)

Cfg.Coronas (0 comments)

Toggles rendering of the glow around bright lights

Cfg.CrosshairTrans (0 comments)

Percent Value changes the transparency of the

Cfg.Decals (0 comments)

Decals are the marks which stay on the walls.
Turning this off removes them.

Cfg.DynamicLights (0 comments)

Toggles rendering of dynamic lighting. Turning
off can increase rendering speed.

Cfg.HeadBob (0 comments)

Changes the amount which the client view bobs on
walking. Suggested this is put to 0 always.

Cfg.Shadows (0 comments)

Cfg.Multisample (0 comments)

Seems to be antialiasing filter.

Cfg.Projectors (0 comments)

Cfg.RenderSky (0 comments)

Toggles rendering of the sky.

Cfg.TextureFiltering (0 comments)

Cfg.TextureQuality (0 comments)

Cfg.TextureQualityArchitecture (0 comments)

Cfg.TextureQualityCharacters (0 comments)

Cfg.TextureQualitySkies (0 comments)

Cfg.TextureQualityWeapons (0 comments)

Cfg.ViewWeaponModel (0 comments)

Toggles rendering of the gun.

Cfg.WeaponBob (0 comments)

Alters the extend to which the gun wobbles as you

Cfg.WeaponSpecular (0 comments)

Cfg.WeatherEffects (0 comments)

Cfg.Crosshair (0 comments)

Toggles rendering of the crosshair on the screen.

Cfg.ClipPlane (0 comments)

Changes how far you can see infront of you. 100 =

Cfg.Credits (0 comments)


Cfg.CrosshairB (0 comments)

Amount of blue in crosshair

Cfg.CrosshairR (0 comments)

Amount of red in crosshair

Cfg.CrosshairG (0 comments)

Amount of green in crosshair

Cfg.GraphicsQuality (0 comments)

0 - very low, 1 - low, 2 - medium, 3 - high

q4euro ::

Client Graphics (HUD)
Cfg.FOV (0 comments)

Changed the Field Of Vision which you see. The
higher the field of vision, the mode you can see
at an instant, but the lower your aiming accuracy.

Cfg.HUDTransparency (0 comments)

Changes the transparency of the Heads Up Display.

Cfg.HUDSize (0 comments)

alters ammo/health etc display

q4euro ::

Client Graphics (Screen)
Cfg.Brightness (0 comments)

Cfg.Contrast (0 comments)

Contrast setting

Cfg.Fullscreen (0 comments)

Toggles rendering of the game in full screen mode.

Cfg.Gamma (0 comments)

Gamma setting

Cfg.Resolution (0 comments)

Resolution of screen, 320x200, 640x480, 1024x800
etc supported.

q4euro ::

Client Key Settings
Cfg.KeyAlternativeAlternativeFire (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeBulletTime (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeFire (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireBestExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireBestNonExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireBestWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireSwitch (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireSwitchToggle (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeForwardRocketJump (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeJump (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeMenu (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeMoveBackward (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeMoveForward (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeNextWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativePause (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativePreviousWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeRocketJump (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeSayToAll (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeSayToTeam (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeScoreboard (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeScreenshot (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeSelectBestExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeSelectBestNonExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeSelectBestWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeStrafeLeft (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeStrafeRight (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon1 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon2 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon3 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon4 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon5 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryAlternativeFire (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryBulletTime (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryFire (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireBestExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireBestNonExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireBestWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireSwitch (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireSwitchToggle (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryForwardRocketJump (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryJump (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryMenu (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryMoveBackward (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryMoveForward (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryNextWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryPause (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryPreviousWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryRocketJump (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimarySayToAll (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimarySayToTeam (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryScoreboard (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryScreenshot (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimarySelectBestExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimarySelectBestNonExplosive (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimarySelectBestWeapon (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryStrafeLeft (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryStrafeRight (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon1 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon2 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon3 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon4 (0 comments)

Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon5 (0 comments)

q4euro ::

Client Network Settings
Cfg.ConnectionSpeed (0 comments)

Allows player to set type of connection: 1 -
Modem, 2 - ISDN, 3 - Cable/ADSL, 4 - LAN, 5 -

Cfg.ManualIP (0 comments)

Edit this if you want to connect to an unlisted

Cfg.PlayerPrediction (0 comments)

Client-side player prediction. (reduces the
effect of lag).

q4euro ::

Client Settings
Cfg.BestExplosives (0 comments)

Explosive weapon selection order.

Cfg.BestNonExplosives (0 comments)

Non explosive weapon selection order.

Cfg.AllowForwardRJ (0 comments)

Allows execution of the forward rj key

Cfg.AutoChangeWeapon (0 comments)

Changes weapon on no ammo.

Cfg.BestWeapons1 (0 comments)

Choose your favourite weapon ordering

Cfg.InvertMouse (0 comments)

Cfg.FPS (0 comments)

Changes the world physics speed

Cfg.SwitchFire (0 comments)

Cfg.SwitchFire1 (0 comments)

Cfg.SwitchFire2 (0 comments)

Cfg.SwitchFire3 (0 comments)

Cfg.SwitchFire4 (0 comments)

Cfg.SwitchFire5 (0 comments)

Cfg.SmoothMouse (0 comments)

Mouse smoothing, interpolates between mouse
positions. Turning this on will add a small
amount of 'lag' on turning.

Cfg.MouseSensitivity (0 comments)

Cfg.PlayerName (0 comments)

Your player nickname.

Cfg.PrecacheData (0 comments)

Cfg.TeamName (0 comments)

Cfg.WeaponPriority (0 comments)

Changes the order in which the weapons are used.

Cfg.BestWeapons2 (0 comments)

Choose your favourite weapon ordering option 2

Cfg.Language (0 comments)

Shows the territory the game is intended for.

q4euro ::

Client Sound
Cfg.DisturbSound3DFreq (0 comments)

Cfg.SoundQuality (0 comments)

Cfg.SpeakersSetup (0 comments)

Cfg.SfxVolume (0 comments)

Cfg.SoundFalloffSpeed (0 comments)

Cfg.SoundPan (0 comments)

Cfg.SoundProvider3D (0 comments)

Cfg.MasterVolume (0 comments)

% of sound

Cfg.MusicVolume (0 comments)

Cfg.ReverseStereo (0 comments)

Cfg.EAXAcuustics (0 comments)

Cfg.AmbientSounds (0 comments)

Turns on or off ambient sounds

Cfg.AmbientVolume (0 comments)

Alters the level of the ambient sounds

q4euro ::

Command Line Settings
-dedicated (0 comments)

Starts the dedicated server version of pk.

-script (0 comments)

Allows you to run scripts.

-start (0 comments)

Automatically starts the server.

-config (0 comments)

-config config.ini .. used to specify which
config to use. -start requires this setting to be
set, even if to default.

q4euro ::

Server Settings
Cfg.TeamDamage (0 comments)

Cfg.DedicatedServer (0 comments)

Runs the application in server only mode.

Cfg.FragLimit (0 comments)

Cfg.GameMode (0 comments)

Options here are: FreeForAll, TeamDeathmatch,
PeopleCanFly, Voosh, TheLightBearer.

Cfg.GameType (0 comments)

Cfg.ServerFPS (0 comments)

Changes the tickrate of the server. On leak this
was 90, but this seems too high for internet play
and makes the ping unstable due to a larger
number of packets being processed by the client.

Cfg.ServerMaps (0 comments)

List of the maps for use in the maplist loop
during play.

Cfg.ServerName (0 comments)

Server name as appears in the server browser
list, and on connect.

Cfg.ServerPassword (0 comments)

Password for server connection.

Cfg.ServerPort (0 comments)

Server connection port. Change this if you are
firewalled. NOTE: PK uses UDP packets.

Cfg.LimitServerFPS (0 comments)

applies the Cfg.ServerFPS setting to the server.

Cfg.MaxPlayers (0 comments)

Maximum number of players allowed on the server.

Cfg.MaxSpectators (0 comments)

Maximum number of spectators allowed on a server.
Not implemented in v1.0

Cfg.PowerupDrop (0 comments)

Toggles whether power ups are dropped on death.

Cfg.Powerups (0 comments)

Toggles power up spawning.

Cfg.PublicServer (0 comments)

Will make your server appear in the server
browser list. However making it public will force
authentication of CDKey with Gamespy.

Cfg.AllowBunnyhopping (0 comments)

Changes increase in speed from bunnyhopping (see

Cfg.TimeLimit (0 comments)

Cfg.UseGamespy (0 comments)

Cfg.WeaponsStay (0 comments)

Weapons remain after being picked up.

q4euro ::

Tweak.ini Settings (GlobalData)
MPGravity (0 comments)

q4euro ::

Tweak.ini Settings (PlayerMove)
ShowSpeedmeter (0 comments)

q4euro ::

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