60 Minutes at CPL Winter

The CBS news program known as ’60 minutes’ will be covering the CPL winter event this year. For those of you who have never heard of 60 mintutes, It’s been in Nielsen’s Top 10 programs a record 23 consecutive seasons and an average of 14 million viewers tune into the broadcast every week. It is a very mainstream program in the USA; Dustin Hoffman, Jim Carrey, and Alicia Keys have all been featured on the show recently. Now its time for the CPL’s turn.

Okay heres the good news.. 60 Minutes will be focusing primarily on the competitors of the USA national Painkiller qualifier for the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour. Not only could you guys be travelling to America to play in the first Painkiller world tour qualifyer, but theres a large possibility you could be on TV and viewed by over 14 million people aswell!

I am very pleased to see this anouncement. It will surely help e-sports a hell of a lot and I would like to thank the CPL for their grand efforts.


Unicon Duelist Day

This sunday 28th of November Unicon gaming of Manchester England are hosting a duelist competition day. Many games will be included in this competition such as Doom 3, Quake 3, UT2004, and ofcourse, Painkiller. There will be some shiny new mouse mats available for the winners of these competitions.

If you would like to participate just drop an E-mail to Unicon manager, Kal. Leave your name, nick, age, location, and a contact E-mail address or Phone number.

Unicon gaming

The After Effects

Now that the CPL control what happens with competitive Painkiller, what will happen at events such as WCG and ESWC? Will people still be playing Quake 3 and UT2004, Doom 3 maybe? Well our close friend macR from d3euro managed to get a comment from the ESWC president, Matthieu Dallon on this matter:

“We will make our announcement in December. We knew for a while the CPL had exclusivity for Painkiller, and you are right, there is a big question around the FPS game(s) selected for ESWC 05 (official or masters).”

So there you have it, if the top guy doesnt know, who knows!? Looks like we will have to wait untill December for this one.


CPL world tour website delayed?

The CPL world tour website was ment to be launched yesterday, the 19th November. I was looking forward to reading the new world tour information that was to be released along with the website. So, I visit the world tour website today expecting to see the released website, but I was disapointed to see the world tour splash screen, yet again. The website has missed its deadline.

Is this a sign of things to come? Painkiller Linux servers and PKTV are both due for release next month, I wonder if they will meet there deadline? I havent heard anything about it yet.
Oh well, First things first, lets wait and see when the world tour website is actually launched…

CPL world tour

CPL Take Over

Earlier today the CPL announced they have cut a deal with Dreamcatcher Interactive that gives them worldwide rights for the use of multiplayer painkiller in any online or live tournament with cash or merchandise prizes. From now on anyone that is wanting to host a Painkiller tournament will have to get in touch with the cpl and get the necessary approval before doing so.

What will come of this I dont know, it all depends on how lenient the CPL decide to be with their new powers. I do know that it will cause a fuss for a lot of people in the same way SKY tv did when they bought the rights to show all Premiership matches. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

In the same anouncement, the cpl also let us know that three new Painkiller multiplayer maps are in the making. These three maps are designed by Todd Rose (Mr.CleaN), Richard Heath (Charon) and Russel Meakim (castle) of Ritual Entertainment and they are due for release on or before Monday, November 29.

With BooH coming in 6 days, and these maps just 3 days after, it looks like we will have our hands full with new things to play with!

The CPL | Ritual Entertainment

4K & Intel eec3

Jolt, the company that are running the online side of this competition have released details on their qualifyers. Firstly, 16 players out of the 128 have been seeded, these players are:

Zaccubus, Maniax, Jinjur, KuuLa, Timber, Tek, Appz, Razorb, SLAYER, Mauler, AphexTwin, Turk1sh, Xaku, Scotsman, crasH, and Zaf

They will be put straight through to the double elimination section of the tournament beginning on the 23rd of november. Which will be using a map rotation of: fallen2te, sacred, psycho in that order.

4kings | Jolt

TsN : Feel The Pain #3

TsN just finished up the 3rd broadcast of their program Feel The Pain. Each week the guys get together to discuss the recent happenings in the newly revived community of Painkiller. Tonight they spoke about topics such as the new Painkiller expansion pack released this month; Battle out of Hell, the CPL winter tournament, and as always, the CPL world tour. TsN also anounced that Painkiller black edition will be the game used in the CPL world tour, as stated by Angel Munoz on the CPL forums.

Each week TsN also bring in a player from the community to be interviewed by TsN. This week that player was the American new guy Wreck, who as you may know took 5th place at the CPL summer Painkiller tournament. After the interview Wreck then has to go up against another player from the community, for this job TsN brought in the player known as PFB (Pink Fluffy Bunny). Lets hope this guys name doesnt reflect his playing style!

TsN decided Sacred would be the only map played tonight, best of 3. The scores from the matches were as follows:

Wreck 13 : 11 PFB
Wreck 23 : 0 PFB

Some very different scores in the matches, and even though we were unable to watch it, its always fun to listen to the Painkiller matches shoutcasted by TsN.

Anybody who missed the broadcast will be able to download it from the TsN website after it is uploaded tomorrow.


You can find the game demo here: http://www.pkeuro.com/viewdemo.php?demoid=5