Dignitas Painkiller Spotlight 19

The 19th issue of Team Dignitas Painkiller Spotlight is out and this time the glory fell upon the new gamer talent Ztrider from Team Fnatic. He is definitely one of the best newcomers for gaming this year by having no previous “pro” history and improving his result as the time goes on with placements like 4th in CPL WT Brazil and Sweden and now recently a well respected 3rd place in CPL WT USA. This interview covers areas of how everything started for this great talent, his strengths and weaknesses, the road towards number 1 and of course WT 2006.

Here is a piece of the whole interview:

Team Dignitas:
Tell us a bit about your gaming career and how it all started and the story behind your choice of Painkiller as the game?

I think my gaming career started when I was about 3 years old, my grandmother bought me a NES because she was tired of me playing at my uncles :). I always have been playing games since, Mega Drive, SNES, Playstation, N64 GameCube and PS2. But the first time I ever tried to play a FPS game on LAN/online was in mid 2002 (first time I played q3) and I got totally hooked and could play for hours and hours vs. bots since I didn’t have any internet connection. I was playing Quake 3 only for fun for almost 2 years, then Doom 3 got released and of course I started to play it because I thought (Like everyone else) that it was the WT game, I saw this as a chance to prove that I could be a top player in a game if I played it from the start. But I couldn’t play it from the release since my computer was to sucky and I had to wait for my new one to get delivered. So after one month after the release of the game I started to play it and got pretty decent. So after a while they announced PK as the WT game so I dropped D3 and started to play PK ;), that’s my way to Painkiller 🙂

Team Dignitas:
Do you think that you will win a stop and if so, which one?

Yep, next one 🙂

The whole Dignitas PK Spotlight interview could be found here.

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  1. Playing games for just money isn’t the right way imho. You should play a game if you LIKE/LOVE it, and the choice shouldn’t be based on if it will be a WT title or not…
    Well, just my few cents on this 🙂

  2. If you had enough skill that you knew you could make enough to live off of by playing a game, you would. It’s a profession for some people, not just a hobby.

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