0 thoughts on “DM_Mandra3

  1. How cool is that! But its very pitty it is maded so late in the game 🙁 painkiller is dieing slow…

  2. uhm, where is the map?
    the pk community is dead as it is, this isn’t news until there is a map download

  3. DM_Q3_DM6_PAIN is in Progress.
    Mandragora dont speak english, but if i see, the Map is released, I post it here & in all Forums

  4. I wanted to say that i was amazed!

    G, it’s that map! That were lots of hours been spent with Q3. And now it is PK style.

    The thematics from “palace” level are well-fited.
    Thumbs up!

    BTW: about that spamshit aaron, it seems a tradition in this forum that after every comment some unwellcomed messages appear with no clues.

    Someone protect the site plz.

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