Overdose officially announced

“DreamCatcher Interactive / JoWooD Productions Software AG today announced their plans to publish Painkiller-Overdose for Windows®.
With a worldwide release date set for October 2007, Painkiller-Overdose marks the return of the popular high-energy, frantic-styled gameplay that made the original Painkiller such a huge hit.”

Read the full announcement here

0 thoughts on “Overdose officially announced

  1. Blowfish, have you talked to anyone about PK++ enhancements and whether they’d be interested in using any of your code? It seems to me it could really benefit the community.

  2. PCF isnt intrested/involved anymore into PK. So its logicaly that JoWooD/Overdose are the people blowfish and i contacted.

    Nomore informations sofar from him cause hes into a 1month holliday. And nomore informations from me cause they are not facts … just rumours atm.

    Thank U for trusting into blowfish and please be patient. As soon as some facts come across i will spread them.

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