Painkiller MP Video

With the difficulties of making a video from PK, it is always good to see impressively put together videos. Paindemonium has given us exactly this, in the form of a video focusing on MP with some excellent frags and gameplay. Take a look and post your comments!


Also here :

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One thought on “Painkiller MP Video

  1. [B][I]…a voice from the darkness…..[/B][/I]

    Hey! 😀

    Nice content, nice editing, music fits well. Well done. Thanks for making and sharing it PD, and see You in the Arena for some ass-kicking… 😉

    One negative thing only: I truly hate the crappy demorecord/playback function in the game. That just ruins down the whole overall, it’s far not that enjoyable, because it’s not smooth (when playback is at around 15 FPS seemingly, then nice editing won’t help), You can’t see some details what You should (crosshair, brightskins, etc.), and so on. I still play this game quite frequently and also there are players and many of us run into some/many nice/funny frags daily, but… But this crap playback forces me not to make any fragmovie from my existing demos. It just looks bad and I’m not motivated. I’m not motivated to show nice frags in crappy quality. I don’t even care about the bad netcode and coop and such things, but I wish demoplayback was just as nice and smooth like it was with PK 1.35. We could see “some more” fragmovies then for sure by the still “more or less active” players. Too bad it seems it’s just too late now…

    [B][I]SYS “No sin is too great to be forgiven.”[/B][/I]

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