Signups LIVE! for Zboard PK LAN

Zboard, in association with Dell, Connect3D, Ceratech, Accuratus and Starbytes LAN Cafe are proud to present our open Painkiller tournament. The tournament offers the chance to win some great prizes from Zboard and Connect3D, free give-aways in the form of a raffle, as well as the possiblity to be selected (by the current team) to become a fully sponsored member of the team zboard painkiller squad.

This opportunity is ultra rare and gives the lucky player the chance to go to major LAN events all expenses paid! It also includes a full setup from zboard and Dell, TV and print coverage compliments of Livewire and Invader magazine, monthly bootcamps and more!

You will also have a chance to tryout the zboard and its keysets first hand and test the power of Dells latest XPS gaming machines.The event will be held at Starbytes LAN Cafe in southampton, Hampshire in the south of the UK and is only open to UK residents.

The tournament is aimed at being fun, bootcamping and winning some prizes, the player selection is secondary. It will be Running over two days in february, saturday 26th and sunday 27th. Doors open 9am Saturday and the event will close 5pm Sunday evening. It will consist of a 32 man bracket with the possibility of expanding to a 64 man depending of the interest in the event.

more indepth info and signups at or idle #team.zboard and ask a team member

Signups are now live, head over there and reserve your spot!!

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