CPL Round 2 Continues…

Latest update on scores direct from the CPL Painkiller Tournament:

2nd Round continued..

Daler vs Wieee 31-8/26-10
Aphextwin vs Whipboy 18-12/17-16
C_Lains vs TAU|$hield 39-7/36-13
Stermy vs Thump4 38-13/36-11
Stelam vs Gnosis 70-0/54-4
Kuula vs pfb default to pfb
zyz vs DeusMortis 57-1/58-4
Slayer vs zen 7-57/9-34
Aim vs Zyos default to Aim

3rd Round (Double Elimination starts)

Vo0 vs Deatz 22-7/26-8
Lexer vs Brett 20-17/26-11
Xhep vs Neok 17-26/8-55
M0erser vs Clown 13-12/10-15/7-20
Daler vs AphexTwin 41-2/51-6
DJ vs KyuR 27-3/33-1
Boxcar vs Geoff 14-33/18-30
C_Lains vs Stermy 5-32/8-38
Stelam vs img LoSt-CaUsE 26-6/22-6
pfb vs cha0ticz 1-28/8-15
Junior vs Vayne forfeit win to Vayne
Zyz vs Zen 14-11/22-9
Carnage vs Sakh 16-17/2-16
Bio vs Rix 2-0
Gellehsak vs Destrukt 26-1/15-17/32-4
Aim vs Fatal1ty Fatal1ty wins 2-0

4th Round

Vo0 vs Lexer 35-4/31-11
Fatal1ty vs. fnatic\gellehsak 34-7/23-7

More to come when we have it. Thanks to SK-Gaming for updates on some scores, and TSN coverage for others. GG guys!

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0 thoughts on “CPL Round 2 Continues…

  1. C_Lains is norwegian, just for the record..
    Jævlig nice med stermy kleins =]
    Jeg holder folka oppdatert over meldinger ;P
    Lykke til pusen!

    peace out – Espen

  2. Sorry, trodde på det som stod på siden her.. tydeligvis feil i forhold til
    det som stod på sk. Det er sikkert riktig der T_T
    kjipt å gå ut..
    jaja.. shit happens..

  3. sk site say
    2:00 PM CST – Stermy vs. C_Lains – 2:0 (32-5 , 38-8)

    you here say
    C_Lains vs Stermy 32-5/38-8

    wtf? 🙁 O.o

  4. Sorry for being new to the PK scene but can anyone tell me how I can watch the downloaded demo’s from this event and others? I’m and old Quake 3 player so I used to Point Releases and OSP but what programs do I need for playback of recorded PK demo’s and how do I record/watch the demo’s? Thx in advance 😉

  5. -install 1.35 patch (www.painkillergame.com)
    -open downloaded file (if they are .tgz) with winzip
    -unzip .pkd files in “painkiller/recordings” folder
    -start game bringdown console and type demoplay demoname (without .pkd extension)

  6. Sorry to ask again but do I need to get the 1.35 patch since I’ve already installed BooH – which is running 1.50? It seems that when I load up PK it’s automatically loaded BooH as well – is this right or do I need to specifically open PK regular and apply the 1.35 patch?

    How do I get down the console? I’m using a Danish keyboard (Euro) but I can’t seem to find a correct key. So I don’t need any MODs in order to view the demo’s and compete online? I’ve heard something about a “Chains” MOD or so – what’s that? What about the maps – are they all pre-installed with PK or do I need to download some of the turney maps? Guess I’ll be typing long demo names once I get it going 😉

  7. just un-install booh, copy pk, and instal booh in one of the 2 pk’s, if you want to play 1.35 you start pk without booh and for 1.5 …..

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