DM_HydeDM1 Released

Mr_Hyde has been busy beavering away and has released his first map for our enjoyment. Ive had a run around and it looks very nicely put together. The different textures are types of effects he has used blend nicely together. I always was a sucker for DM_Mine type textures 🙂

Whats left now is for everyone to play some proper 1v1 (or maybe even 2v2) on the map and let us know your thoughts. If anyone can put the map on a public server for playtest, please let us know here. You can download the map by clicking one of the pictures below.

dm_hydedm1 dm_hydedm1 dm_hydedm1

Mr_Hyde is now working on his new map Darkwood_Forest3 about which you can find his forum post HERE. Good work Mr_Hyde!

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0 thoughts on “DM_HydeDM1 Released

  1. imo map it a little cramped in places, and i dont like what at the other end of the teleporter 😛 [ but what do i know :/ ]
    otherwise seem a nice map 🙂

  2. Waaaay to small, bigger hallways would do the trick, think make the map 2ice the size or something 😀

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