Merry Xmas!!

A little early but as I’m away visiting tomorrow…


Devil Monk


Hope you all get the pressies you wished for, and have a great time!!

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0 thoughts on “Merry Xmas!!

  1. Merry Christmas and like fnatic/roach said :
    “And let’s all make sure that we don’t blow off our fingers with new year, So we can keep fragging! HF ya all!!”

  2. By CPLJustin

    I would first like to point out the reason these guys HAD to write the mod for us in such short time. Yar fell through, not once, but twice. He TWICE made committments to have the mod ready for CPL and TWICE backed out with no notice to the CPL or community. The first time Yar backed out, he left the CPL hanging after he committed to updating the previous mod to work for us. When he quit responding to email, IRC, etc, we began to look for a new solution in the very short amount of time we had. The only solution on such short time was to look for someone who could continue the work that had been started previously. After they started work, Yar came back and the development team said they wanted to step aside and let Yar continue his work. After we arrived at the event, the solution we were sent from Yar was lacking. It would not work with dedicated servers and the timer bug fix. These guys stepped in and finished their work and sent it to us for testing. Any bugs found, they were available within 15 minutes to correct the bug or add features and send us the patch. The result was that these guys were able to get the job done that Yar failed to complete. I thank them for their work in getting it completed.
    pkeuro : : Posted on 12/22/2004 7:06PM

    People are so swift to forget.

  3. I dunno what all failed 4 Minimod = CPLmod, but Minimod is the best mod ever for PK. I love to get specific Crosshairs, my RGB-Enemymodel and so on!

  4. installed minimod and everything works great except for my ammo list. I get all the weapon icons, but no numbers. I have ammo list turned on in the mod menu. any ideas?

  5. when i install the pacth 1.61
    1ยบenemy model and team model ar white and i cant change it
    2ยบ when i kill someone they drop the weapon and i dont see the weapon

    – i desistall and install 10times my pk ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    – and the problem is always the same ๐Ÿ™
    – i try minimod and pk++ and no one work

    any ideas ? plx help me

  6. i have this commands and i try change too and dont work too…
    Cfg.BrightskinEnemy = “Red”
    Cfg.BrightskinTeam = “white”
    Cfg.FixedColors = 0
    Cfg.MM_BrightSkins_Enemy_Color_B = 0
    Cfg.MM_BrightSkins_Enemy_Color_G = 0
    Cfg.MM_BrightSkins_Enemy_Color_R = 255
    Cfg.MM_BrightSkins_Team_Color_B = 255
    Cfg.MM_BrightSkins_Team_Color_G = 255
    Cfg.MM_BrightSkins_Team_Color_R = 255

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