DM_Meatless Revamped

It seems that Tectonic has been busy working away on his next version of DM_Meatless 1v1 map and has released v0.3. He has posted this morning on our forums HERE that he’s been working with the CAL guys MikeMo and Wires, along with a couple of well known US players Wombat, DJ and Wreck to move the map forward in its development.

The result seems to justify the effort as the map now feels like it has more flow and certainly seems more balanced. I have a feeling that the CAL League might be using this in the upcoming season starting shortly in January (details HERE). It would be nice to see the map make it to some servers for playtest. Let us know via the forums if you see it around.

You can download the map from the pkeuro FTP HERE.

dm_meatless_1v1 dm_meatless_1v1 dm_meatless_1v1

Good work Tectonic!

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0 thoughts on “DM_Meatless Revamped

  1. i hated the last version of this map, but i actually love this one 😐 has a nice flow to it, items are far better placed as well 🙂 like mega health pos. 🙂

    still unsure about the look of the crates/boxes ^_^ GA area containers remind me of cs_siege/de_nuke and some of the boxes inside remind me of de_cbble 😛 [guess ive just played to much cs :< ]

  2. also… i do like the idea of having no ED ammo when picking up the gun, but feel that the ammount given in the mega pack should probably be raised from 30 to say 50, prob a stupid idea but thats what i think 😛

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t remind everyone of this in the new update, but be informed that the texturing, lighting, and other artistic aspects of the map are not by any means complete. We (pha3z and I) are just now starting on the art since this release!

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  4. I like this Map too but… the Dynamic Lights (?) on the Button…. remove this… its stupid (i dont like them *g*).

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