eSLive Interview 4Kings

4Kings & eSLive are running a 4Kings / Painkiller special including an IRC based interview with 3 members of the UK 4Kings Painkiller team this weekend (starting tonight!). The interview will include 4K^AphexTwin, 4K^Zaccubus and 4K^Razorb. You can find more details on the eslive website HERE. Why dont you go along and see what the 4Kings team have to say 🙂

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0 thoughts on “eSLive Interview 4Kings

  1. Buhu.. i missed it.. :/ *cough* world of *cough* warcraft..

    But i know you fine admins was there and have a nice wa4rh0g-manny-blowfish-edited logg 4 meeee 😀

  2. lol sorry 😛 only reason its uk only is cause we dont want u traveling the world for a small we can only select a uk player for team. sorry

  3. yeah just take uk players… did someone told those sponsors that the uk winner player will not be in the top32 of the cpl even if the other players are drunk ?

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