ESL Painkiller 1o1 EAS

In cooperation with publisher Dreamcatcher, the ESL have added Painkiller to the ESL Amateur Series(EAS). They will host a Painkiller 1o1 EAS leaugue that will take place over the next six months (01-17-2005 to 06-30-2005). Players ranked #1 to #10 in the German and European Painkiller ladders will be invited to the EAS and being offered a 3 Month Premium Account (since a Premium Account is necessary to participate in an EAS league).

Prize distribution:

1st place: €500 cash
2nd place: €250 cash
3th place: €150 cash
4th & 5th place: €50 cash

Read the rules and subscribe.

Source: ESL

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0 thoughts on “ESL Painkiller 1o1 EAS

  1. good to hear haxor 🙂 i guess it\’s not about germans.

    well, i wont pay an entrance fee for any game (and if i did, i would prefere kind of world of warcraft).
    still there will be enough players who will pay the fee just for the painkiller eas. imho a doubtfull development of the \”esport\” scene. in this case, the whole thingy with getting more \”professional\” only pays of for a few players, the majority has to pay for it.
    so hf dudes, who are willing to pay the fee and support this trend (there are enough of them).

  2. about my comment, I answered to this:

    not most of the pk players. but must players. many of my friends have a premium acc.

    Basicly, the tournament will be for 99% filled with germans, since ESL is mainly a german based site

  3. Good point sl. I would encourage you to give WoW and shot, and if not that… Guild Wars a little later (GW for free).

  4. ESL is probably the worst page ever when it comes to navigation and speed.

    And the tournament is to be played over 6 month, no more comments.

  5. @ haubitz: It is no tournament but a league with a season like e.g. football. But go ahead talking about things you do not or know little of. That is what a lot of people do these days, flaming without knowing the facts. nevermind…

    @xhep: 30+ of 86 participants so far are not german. Learn your maths, that is not 99% 😉

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