PK++ Downgraded

Guys, since there were no server versions of PK++, I have downgraded PK++ via Steamfish to If you remember this version is compatible with VPK servers, and is also the version distributed in the open source package.

There is no real advantage as far as I can tell to having locked netcode as in In fact, just denies servers for newbies, and does not encourage download of PK++, moreover it complicates things for newbies.

Video: Painkiller Ownzone

In his illiterate speil, Artas1984 has announced a new MP video to watch

[q]My first Painkiller multiplayer video, sorta tribute to the multiplayer, after all these multiplayer videos around (and not much of them are anyway) i got what it needs for a such video. The footage was taken from demorecords recorded in November 2006, but the quality is good. Putted some good music (you cant bash Queen and Pink Floyd) since i was tired from death metal music like a tradition to be faetured in Painkiller. I guarantee the video wont disapoint, i included footage from lots of maps (not like people like to record only Sacred, Meatless, Psycho and Absinthe) and different gamemodes. Frags variete from funny frags (the ones noobzs put me in) to some double and tripple mid air rockets or mid-air spawn rockets. The outro (after the main frags contains a footage of the MP immunity secret rocket jumps).
Well, you dont have plenty vids to watch of PK, so WTH are you waitin for? Downlaod![/q]
JeffK is alive and well it seems. You can download the video to watch here:

OWNZONE High Quality (340 MB)
OWNZONE Low Quality (95 MB, will be removed after a while)

State of Play

Just to summarise on details of the code, DCs and PCFs positions etc:

1. Since the code developed includes licenced copies of the Havok engine, it cannot be re-distributed without breaking the licensing agreement.

2. Most of the modding has taken place by hacking changes to the LUA, and in some places guessing/probing the structure of the EXE/DLL code. Within the LUA, you are unable to change the core of the code, such as network code.

3. Editing the code to create playback demos *should* be the equivalent of allowing the client to connect in a passive mode to a virtual server (i.e. netdemo). Ideally this is done at the network level (within the core). A work-around might be to run a server and have bot-actors move around based on logged position/velocity data from the LUA only. Basically for such a process you would have to log every event and all the entity positions and states often enough for a smooth playback. During PK++ development this was started, but delayed since it looked as though PCF might finish their work.

4. PCF do not own the code, DC do (both the code and the branding). PCF were contracted lastly to work on the XBox version, but are now working on new projects along with their new publisher THQ. DC were recently ACQUIRED by JoWooD. DC havent given any clear indication yet of Painkiller 2, but if they do it will not be developed by PCF.

5. Multiplayer within PK was only ever thought of at a late stage for something that could be done with the SP game. The amount of time and effort put in was minimised on the MP part. This was also true for any commitments to the CPL, most of which were not even a real concern of PCF. The CPL were driven to use PK mainly because of the opportunity to have CPL branding on a retail game (regardless of whether it was popular in the MP community or not).

6. Neither DC nor PCF had sufficient testing facilities for MP testing. Most of the MP code had minimal one-off testing which explains the vast number of bad bugs seen.

7. Netcode after version 1.35 was an attempt to improve the number of players on the server, as well as allowing more configuration for different types of connection. Following a beta test (run by pkeuro), no more work took place on the netcode, and it was left. Further improvements could have been made, particularly either if PCF had continued the work, or had the netcode code been made available to mod developers. If the latter had been the case, we might have seen something compariable in terms of netcode to Quakeworld or similar by now.

8. Rocket jumping in 1.62 was broken due to some false testing. This issue was only resolved in PK++. Additionally many of the other bugs still exist in VPK, such as mis-timing on items, random telefrag kills, no spectator HUD, and so on.

Should We Petition?

Should we petition DC that the improvements to PK which took place to convert it to the XBox, be released as a patch for PK to improve it?

Having seen PK on the XBox in the previous news post, and being aware that a large amount of work has gone into improving and optimising the game to be able to run so slicky on this platform, should we ask whether the PC version is updated? It would be interesting to know whether netcode improvements occured too.

Bleezy Painkiller Xbox Vid

As posted over at the DC PK XBox forums, Jook of has uploaded a video for us to see how Painkiller performs on a console. The video features: Jo0k (POV) vs. NsN JA1LB1RD

Obviously the XBox version comes without any of the Mods we are used to.

You can grab it for yourself and see what you think, here:;5517683;;/fileinfo.html

Painkiller PK++ Funcup #2

Mason Gaming has announced another ‘Fun Cup’ for PK using the PK++ mod.[q]Next Painkiller PK++ Funcup is at 03.12.2006.
We play Double Elimination bo3 again.
There will be no bracket problems ! so we can run the cup without any complications. You have to Sign up twice. 1. between 14.11.2006 and 02.12.2005.
2. @ 03.12.2006 between 15:00 and 17:30CET
We start at 18:00CET. For Signup pm mason“ in #pk.1on1 irc Quakenet. #pk.1on1 is this time the official Cup Channel so please perform this Channel and stay there [/q]You can read more about it on

Someone to Take the PK++ Torch?

After work on PK++ draw to a close, I have ended up with various small requests for tweaks and new features. Also there are some mods which struggle with various aspects of what PK++ has already done. It would be good to see someone take on further development of PK++ to improve it yet further. It *may* even be possible to improve the netcode slightly from it, and is certainly possible to fix the demo code. I can give pointers to thoughts I had during PK++ on this but ran out of time to fix.

But who will take on the torch?

If you wish to work on PK++, please abide by the licensing, and if you wish to work on it openly through Sourceforge, this can be arranged… just drop me an email at or talk with me Blowfish on quakenet irc.

You can find the source code release, HERE.

Best part of Painkiller?

Okay this is not strictly news, but in the absence of news, it is worth strengthening the community by sharing views and discussing… so here goes:

As we take a retrospective look back on Painkiller, the CPL, what was and what wasnt good about Quake 4 and all the other hopefulls, it is worth looking again at Painkiller with the benefit of hindsight.

I would suggest if Painkiller had come out after Doom3 and after Quake4, it would have been much more successful.

I would also suggest that the two things wrong with Painkiller are simply that the netcode was never finished, and that the stake gun and gameplay isnt great for FFA. If you look at the big games out there, they all have good accessible FFA in common. CS, for example, is all about immediately accessible FFA. In PK meanwhile, the skill level means the game can be frustrating for newcomers.

But what does everyone else think? What is good about Painkiller, and what is bad about it? In playing for money, did most players forget to play it for fun?

Sir Spamalot

Long time no post. As you can imagine, a few things happened. Firstly PK++ went open source so that anyone can work on improving it where I do not have so much time, secondly I do not have so much time spare for PK++ hence the above 🙂 Thirdly I finally got around to fixing the posting so that bots cannot spam all that useful information about things on the net – hopefully this should have fixed it. Unfortunately it means you have to register to post/tag, but perhaps this is no bad thing!

All the best, and happy fragging!

Painkiller Videos

Hello! I would like to inform that the best videos all around the gloebe from various pker’s have been hosted in sys shared Painkiller server.
Here hosted are the singleplayer and multiplayer videos.

After a long hosting i am proud to present them:-)

Lab nurses: (bloodbuster)


Painkiller last: (bloodbuster)


Mad Momments: (bloodbuster)


Painkiller screenshot videos: (bloodbuster)




Golem Enclave: (peti)


Hills goldrush: (peti)


Opera with stake: (peti)


Opera with painkiller: (peti)


Swamp ZO2: (peti)


PK town: (peti)


Snowy bridge: (peti)


Resident Pain: (PainkillerDark)


Faces of Destruction 5: (doughboy1er)


Insignia: (z900, xaku, Razorb)


Crazy frags: (wto)


Wellcome to Hell: (masp)


Pro fragz: (xaero)


True Pain: (Razorb)


Thor and Necrogiant: (Artas1984)


Abandoned Factory: (kalme)


Forest_404: (kalme)


Hills tanks: (cyody)


Palace: (cyody)


Fun: (cyody)


Factory fun: (cyocy)


Babel: (cyody)


Surfen3: (cyody)


Guardian: (cyody)


Experiece Painkiller 1: (SYS)


Experience Painkiller 2: (SYS)


5 stars Ruins: (SYS)


5 stars Tower: (SYS)


Mine riding: (SYS)


Lemmings: (greybeard)


Lemmings 2: (greybeard)


Lemmings 3: (greybeard)


All souls compilation: (greybeard)


Camping in Hell: (greybeard)


Camping in Palace: (greybeard)


Camping in Babel: (greybeard)


PK++ Source Code Released

As a small gift to those ultra hardcore PK’ers out there, I’ve released the PK++ source code for further work, or for those of you who are interested in how it works. Given that the use of PK++ by the CPL etc. are long gone, and that the game is unlikely to be plagued by bots etc now, it is safe to do this.

You can find the source code release, HERE.

If you wish to work on PK++, please abide by the licensing, and if you wish to work on it openly through Sourceforge, this can be arranged… just drop me an email at or talk with me ‘Blowfish’ on quakenet irc.

Happy fragging!

Painkiller on Wikipedia

It seems Painkiller has made its way onto Wikipedia, the online wiki encyclopedia.

Painkiller is a first-person shooter PC game released on April 12, 2004. It was published by DreamCatcher Interactive and developed by People Can Fly. It attempts to replicate the ‘old-school FPS’ gameplay of Doom and Serious Sam. It has 24 levels of seemingly unconnected designs that include medieval castles, factories and lunaic asylums. Five of the levels are ‘boss levels’ with some of the largest FPS bosses to date. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. It is notable for using the Havok 2.0 physics engine extensively. The main character, Daniel Garner, is voiced by Cam Clarke.

Read more about it here.


Well you missed us I am sure…

Pkeuro and its sister site,, have found their way to be rehosted on a different server with a short time of being offline.

But now we are back!

🙂 😛

cOde to Joy

You have to think about them don’t you? Cheeky little fellas that they are. As you fall asleep, or in the middle of the night; somewhere out there, they are playing. How many millions of frags, how many close games, how many times have awesome frags gone unseen. Chatting with each other, hopping around maps without a care. Of course even when all is said and done, it is likely that a large proportion, (if not the majority?) of hours of PK, has been played by PK++ bots.

As a small tribute to them (and yes I know the quality is bad and the content is shockingly awful 🙂 ), I’ve put together a little movie.

Grab it here:


Its been a while, but here is a minor update. This version includes two simple changes which should benefit the hardcore PKers.


ADD: Locked/closed PK++ netcode version so that only PK++ clients can play on PK++ servers, and visa versa*
ADD: No-CD version of the Painkiller.exe

*(If you wish to continue using PK++ on Original PK servers, before you update, rename \data\PKPlus.pak to \data\PKPlusOld.pak, and create a new shortcut called Run old PK++ with: Painkiller.exe -lscripts PKPlusOld.pak as command line. You can then update 🙂 )

As always, you can update your PK++ by running Steamfish (found in \data\Updater.exe). Given the ability for PK++ to change without the guidance of the CPL now, further changes can be implemented soon. Watch this space.

PK CPL UK Videos

Levitation has published the PK videos from the UK CPL WT event which took place a few weeks ago. The videos were recorded from TsN, and were not seen due to hacking of the event from outside.

Complete List

PK Upper Bracket Finals vo0 vs fat (tsn_upper-finals_painkiller_vo0_vs_fatal) 133MB

Movie File – PK 4K-Zaccubus vs Daler (tsn_painkiller_4k-Zaccubus_vs_daler_cplu) 134MB

Movie File – PK SK-zyz vs 4k-Zaccubus (tsn_painkiller_SK-zyz_vs_4k-Zaccubus_cpl) 172MB

Movie File – PK fnatic-Ztrider vs Fata1ty (tsn_painkiller_fnatic-Ztrider_vs_fatal1t) 176MB

PK stermy vs SK-zyz (tsn_painkiller_stermy_vs_zyz_cpluk_9-4-0) 252MB

PK Grand Finals vo0 vs Fatal1ty (tsn_grand-finals_painkiller_fnatic-vo0_v) 502MB


CPL Singapore

Shortly after the confirmed cancellation of the WT stop in China, the CPL have just announced that the replacement stop will take place in Singapore.

“The Singapore World Tour stop will take place Thursday, October 13 through Sunday, October 16 at The Pandang located at the heart of Singapores central business district. The Pandang is surrounded by a variety of landmarks, those in the immediate vicinity include St. Andrews Cathedral, Singapore City Hall, the Singapore Supreme Court and the City Hall MRT Station.

More information on the new CPL World Tour stop in Singapore will be released in the next few days. ”

BBC Writes About PK

The BBC has published an article following this weekend’s CPL World Tour stop in the UK:

“One of Britain’s top pro-gamers got his best ever result in the UK leg of a lucrative globe-trotting tournament.

David Treacy, aka Zaccubus, came in fourth in the CPL World Tour event and took home a $5,000 (£2,705) prize.

The year long Cyberathlete Professional League’s World Tour stages tournaments in eight countries in which pro-gamers compete for part of a $1m prize pot…

But the UK event was marred by attempts by malicious hackers to crash servers providing online coverage.”

You can read the full article here.