Painkiller @ CPL Summer 05

The CPL announced its initial competitor list for the Summer 05 Championship yesterday. The Painkiller list currently has 93 entries who all got in before the price hike deadline. Notable entries include:

Aim (mysod)
Sakh (EYE)
Vo0 and Gellehsak (fnatic)
AphexTwin (4K),
Fazz, Prozac and fox (SK)
Deatz and M0erser (alien)
Forrest and Stermy (

Expected entries from most of the UK 4K team, Zyz, Stelam, C_lains, cha0ticz and more are missing. Hopefully well see all the big names return for revenge soon πŸ™‚

You can find the whole list HERE.

Single Player Competition

PKEURO are looking for the baddest, meanest single player players out there to enter a little competition. Now that BooH brings us in-game demo recording for Single Player, we want you to beat the pulp out of each of the Major Bosses (all bosses taken down will be considered for prizes) using only the Quad damage card (4x damage) in the fastest time possible, and record yourself doing it. Note, please set Showweapon to 1. We will not be able to see your HUD in demos but at least it would be nice to see your weapon πŸ™‚

The time will be measured from the *edit* The start of the level */edit* to when he falls to the floor defeated. The winners will not only get put up in our role of honour page, but also win one of our elusive Painkiller T-Shirts.

Well keep the competition open for some time, and give you notice about a week before it ending. Get in touch with me via email once you have a demo and we will arrange an FTP site for you to up it to, or you can email it to me HERE if the file is less than 10mb.

Hope to see some kick ass demos soon πŸ™‚ Good Luck!

(note, we are getting some reports of recording in single player, not playing back. Please make sure you can playback your demos yourself before submitting them)


Updated MiniMod

Not sure if we missed this recently or if it happened only today but… Yar has released v0.2 Test of his Modification “MiniMod”. The newest release is classed as Test as Yar has not had the time to thoroughly test through the latest packages.

The changelog looks like this for the BooH install:

– NEW: SERVER -> overtime for tdm and duel modes
– NEW: CONSOLE -> “vid_restart” command
– NEW: CONSOLE -> “wtfisthetime” command
– CHG: CONSOLE -> “cfg_load” and “cfg_save” commands now can operate on given file πŸ˜‰
– FIX: SINGLE PLAYER -> is now playable with mod
And a lot of bugfixes…

And this for the 1.35 install:

– NEW: SERVERSIDE -> tdm overtime
– NEW: MENU -> mod menu with following options:
— FOV <80-140>
— Ammo List
— Timer
— Scores
— Ping
— Team Scores
— Enemy Color R/G/B <0-255>
— Friend Color R/G/B <0-255>
– NEW: CONSOLE -> “vid_restart” command
– NEW: CONSOLE -> “wtfisthetime” command
– CHG: CONSOLE -> “cfg_load” and “cfg_save” commands now can operate on file with given name πŸ˜‰
– FIX: SINGLE PLAYER -> is now playable with mod
And a lot of bugfixes…

You can download the files either from Yars HOMEPAGE or our from our quicklinks box to the right. Let us know of any issues you find here. Thanks to Yar for his further efforts.

Converting QW Maps to PK

PKEUROs own Blowfish has put up an ARTICLE on our forums stepping through the process of converting QuakeWorld maps to Painkiller. With the lack of good team and duel maps, this process could provide some quick maps if the correct thought process is applied. Due to the obvious differences in jumping distances and other physics, modifications might be required to get the best out of the old maps.

This process has been successfully tested on a number of maps but without the authors “say so” we wont release them. We need to stress the importance of getting the authors agreement before converting any maps. For example, we already have agreement from Slayer to convert any of his maps such as Titan2 and ukcldm2 if anyone wishes to have go at converting these. Get in touch with ME for details if you are interested.

DM_Meatless Revamped

It seems that Tectonic has been busy working away on his next version of DM_Meatless 1v1 map and has released v0.3. He has posted this morning on our forums HERE that he’s been working with the CAL guys MikeMo and Wires, along with a couple of well known US players Wombat, DJ and Wreck to move the map forward in its development.

The result seems to justify the effort as the map now feels like it has more flow and certainly seems more balanced. I have a feeling that the CAL League might be using this in the upcoming season starting shortly in January (details HERE). It would be nice to see the map make it to some servers for playtest. Let us know via the forums if you see it around.

You can download the map from the pkeuro FTP HERE.

dm_meatless_1v1 dm_meatless_1v1 dm_meatless_1v1

Good work Tectonic!

Problems with CPL Demos?

Ever seen the error “Incorrect Recording Header” when trying to play the CPL Winter Demos?

Well lots of people have and I just wanted to let you know that a thread now exists on our forums HERE that explains the problem a little and a fix thanks to Fzzeke. Go check it out if you have the same problem.

Merry Xmas!!

A little early but as I’m away visiting tomorrow…


Devil Monk


Hope you all get the pressies you wished for, and have a great time!!

DM_HydeDM1 Released

Mr_Hyde has been busy beavering away and has released his first map for our enjoyment. Ive had a run around and it looks very nicely put together. The different textures are types of effects he has used blend nicely together. I always was a sucker for DM_Mine type textures πŸ™‚

Whats left now is for everyone to play some proper 1v1 (or maybe even 2v2) on the map and let us know your thoughts. If anyone can put the map on a public server for playtest, please let us know here. You can download the map by clicking one of the pictures below.

dm_hydedm1 dm_hydedm1 dm_hydedm1

Mr_Hyde is now working on his new map Darkwood_Forest3 about which you can find his forum post HERE. Good work Mr_Hyde!

Good work chaps!!

Announcement by the CPL today:

Today, the CPL publicly recognized the invaluable contributions of Timo “Cubik” Hanninen and Vikto “Worre” Liljeblad for creating an excellent tournament mod for Painkiller.

Both Cubik and Worre provided an exceptional level of support to the CPL and created the tournament mod in a very short period of time. Without their support the flawlessly run Painkiller tournament could have encountered insurmountable obstacles.

We’re pleased the CPL took the time to recognise these two gents. It’s true to say that without their motivation and efforts, the CPL tournament would have suffered. Well done!

PKEURO Needs you!

PKEURO is looking for players who can help us keep up to date with the scorelines and general goings on at each of the World Tour stops. The current stops look like this:

1) Istanbul, Turkey, and will take place February 10-13, 2005
2) Barcelona, Spain, and will take place March 20-23, 2005
3) SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil. The final dates will be confirmed soon
4) DΓΌsseldorf, Germany. The final dates will be confirmed soon
5) Grapevine, Texas – USA and will take place Wednesday, July 6 to Sunday, July 10, 2005 at the lavish Gaylord Texan Resort
6) UK – Aug – Sheffield
7) Sweden – Sept – Stockholm
8) China – Oct – Beijing
9) Chile – Nov – Santiago
10?) Japan – ?? – Tokyo (note that previously this was pending confirmation and has now slipped from 3rd on the list)

We need at least two players per tournament that can be contacted by phone if possible. Please help us make this site one of the best for WT coverage πŸ™‚

You can contact me by emailing your details to THIS email address. We will obviously keep all correspondance and details confidential.

CPL Round 2 Continues…

Latest update on scores direct from the CPL Painkiller Tournament:

2nd Round continued..

Daler vs Wieee 31-8/26-10
Aphextwin vs Whipboy 18-12/17-16
C_Lains vs TAU|$hield 39-7/36-13
Stermy vs Thump4 38-13/36-11
Stelam vs Gnosis 70-0/54-4
Kuula vs pfb default to pfb
zyz vs DeusMortis 57-1/58-4
Slayer vs zen 7-57/9-34
Aim vs Zyos default to Aim

3rd Round (Double Elimination starts)

Vo0 vs Deatz 22-7/26-8
Lexer vs Brett 20-17/26-11
Xhep vs Neok 17-26/8-55
M0erser vs Clown 13-12/10-15/7-20
Daler vs AphexTwin 41-2/51-6
DJ vs KyuR 27-3/33-1
Boxcar vs Geoff 14-33/18-30
C_Lains vs Stermy 5-32/8-38
Stelam vs img LoSt-CaUsE 26-6/22-6
pfb vs cha0ticz 1-28/8-15
Junior vs Vayne forfeit win to Vayne
Zyz vs Zen 14-11/22-9
Carnage vs Sakh 16-17/2-16
Bio vs Rix 2-0
Gellehsak vs Destrukt 26-1/15-17/32-4
Aim vs Fatal1ty Fatal1ty wins 2-0

4th Round

Vo0 vs Lexer 35-4/31-11
Fatal1ty vs. fnatic\gellehsak 34-7/23-7

More to come when we have it. Thanks to SK-Gaming for updates on some scores, and TSN coverage for others. GG guys!

CPL Winter Championship Results

The CPL Winter Painkiller Tournament has now started up in earnest with Round 2 half completed. After a poor showing by a good number of competitors, only 79 started from a bracket of 128. Up until the 3rd round, all matches are single elimination. This has meant a number of good players have already left us with the match ups pitching some good players against each other. Below is a recap on the Round 2 games thus far (Round 1 lost none of the “named players with the exception of 4K^Tobes)

Finished (Round2)

Vo0 vs exe 38-0/52-3
Clearly a tough start for Vo0. I hope his performance picks up for the future rounds πŸ˜‰

Deatz vs elpajuo 13-8/24-6
This on paper looked a tough match up. I would have expected Deatz to come through this match victorious after seeing his play online. Elpajuos online record not being the best with early knockout in the US tournament STFUandPLAY vs Lunat1c and other competitions.

Lexer vs Zaccubus 28-7/35-15
One of the newest members of 4Kings bites the dust early in another tough match up. The scoreline indicates that Lexer was just too strong for Zaccubus and took both maps with a fairly substantial frag ratio. Lets hope Zaccubus can spur his comrade Kuula onto the next round and beyond.

Xhep vs ZuluOmegaDelta 36-2/42-5
Looks like a walk in the park for Xhep as he decimates the unknown player ZuluOmegaDelta. Zulu had a bye from the first round against Vegeta so it is hard to tell if this player had any quality.

neok vs zhrance 19-1/17-13
Both of these players are well known on Euro turf. Zhrance has played in previous pkeuro tournaments and has demonstrated an above average skill level. I think Neok has been training hard for this tournament and it seems to have paid off with a fairly substantial score on map 1 (this being zhrances choice as the higher seed), and what looks to have been a close game on Map 2. I hope this match had demos! πŸ™‚

ztrider vs M0erser 72-58
This is a strange one as the official brackets indicate ztrider won this match, while ztrider himself has commented on pkeuro that he in fact lost. 72-58 certainly seems to be a weird scoreline unless they were playing in the map big_box (q3 players will know what I mean πŸ˜‰ ). Hope to find out what happened here soon.

Upcoming (Round2)

Daler vs Wieee
Aphextwin vs Whipboy
C_Lains vs TAU|$hield
Stermy vs Thump4
Stelam vs Gnosis
Kuula vs pfb
zyz vs DeusMortis
Slayer vs zen
Aim vs Zyos

Most of the above matches look very winnable for the Euro contingent. The matches that should provide possible dramas are Daler vs Wieee (will be tough for Wieee to overcome a strong Daler), Kuula vs pfb (is Kuula even there?!?) and Slayer vs zen (zen is a well known good player. This will be a very close match). Good luck to all those involved! Matches start at 4pm UK time. Keep in touch with the scores at the official CPL brackets HERE.

Coverage of the matches is being provided partially by TSN with an excellent video shoutcast. Open up the following link in Windows Media Player v7.10.00.3059 for best service. VIDEO LINK. Last nights coverage of the Painkiller matches was a little poor but we hope it will perk up tonight. Xyber, who plays Gellehsak tonight (unlucky!) was featured wopping poor ICEMAN. The video of the game was okay when you could get a stable 321kb/s source from the relays. We found the best way to achieve this was to keep switching relays using WMP7. Try it out!

**UPDATE** Demos are now available on the CPL FTP at this url:

Go grab them!!! Note that the ftp doesnt seem to like IE at the moment so use your FTP browsers πŸ˜€

PK & Battle Out of Hell Wrap Up

RPGVault are hosting an interesting write up by Robert Stevenson on his thoughts for Painkiller and Battle Out Of Hell. It is certainly a good read and well worth your time looking over if you want to know what the main man at DC thinks of the project.

Heres a snippet of his thoughts on Multiplayer development for Booh:

Even though we did not make too many changes, there was some evolution in the multiplayer code that went beyond the original scope. Because of the continued interest in the game from a multiplayer standpoint, we had mapped out a plan of refining the code base and offering new content for players well into late summer. Along the way, particularly after looking at feedback from the various content drops, the interest level in seeing more from the multiplayer continued. With the ramp-up to the CPL winter event, the recently announced CPL World Tour, the push from the online community and the teams desires, Battle Out of Hell shipped with a host of multiplayer improvements and deeper code reworking. The end result from version 1.0 (Painkiller) to 1.5 (Battle Out of Hell) is quite solid in terms of not only content, but also in the smoothness of play.

As some people in the community know, a good deal of effort was put in by some in the beta testing of Multiplayer prior to BooH being released. Robert mentions this briefly:

we had a wonderful layer of local testing at People Can Fly, and another l with a small crew of terrific fans, and finally, the full functional and compatibility testing at DreamCatcher. While this process is certainly more hectic to keep track of, it did pay off for us.

Its nice to get a mention in the article for those of you involved in that testing, even if it is only a small mention.

You can find the whole report on RPGVault HERE.

Caption Compo Winner

We have discussed the entries and decided that our winner is…. Vrykos!!! Thanks to all those who entered funny captions. Especially to our US readers who added a lot of good captions but were unfortunately not able to compete for the prize. We certainly had a good laugh reading the entries and it was difficult to pick a winner. Special mention to Cripple for the longest ever caption πŸ˜‰

Vrykos, please email me your details and Ill send you your copy of BooH pronto.

Caption Compo Winna!

PK 1.35 Timer Bug Fix

DC have sent us the installer for the Timer bug fix for PK 1.35 that was discussed previously. This installer removes the pain of faffing around with unzipping the file to the correct directory. You can find the fix installer HERE.

The fix seems to work perfectly when applied to servers. We are unsure whether the fix works for clients but we believe it does. This change was also baked into the 1.5 BooH release so those with the expansion should not fret.

1UP & 2404 review BooH

Bluesnews comes through yet again with linkage to 2 more BooH reviews. The first is from, and the second is from The first review unfortunately does not rate the game, but give it a solid 9/10. Go check them out by clicking these links: 1UP 2404

[M]aniek Needs You!

It must be mappers day today :). [M]aniek has posted on our forums with 2 new beta maps for you to look over. DM_Maniek1a is the larger of the two maps and is remarkably like Q3DM6 πŸ˜‰ The map has no item placement as yet and I guess Maniek is still tuning the geometry.

DM_Maniek2 is the second of the 2 maps and is smaller with items placed around the map as a starting point. You can find both maps linked in his forum post HERE. Please check them out and give constructive feedback. Good luck to [M]aniek!

DM_Meatless v0.2 beta

Pha3z and Tectonic have released a new DM Map for beta testing. The map is intended for duels but looks like it might squeeze a nice 2v2 in at the same time. Ive had a small run round and the map looks like it flows well. Fire it up and see what you think. You can download it HERE or from our FTP HERE.

The authors are looking for constructive feedback on the CPL forums HERE or if you prefer HERE on our forums. Please support them and give it a whirl. The more good maps we have to choose from, the better πŸ™‚

**update** a new version of the map for 1v1 play specifically has been created. You can find it on our FTP HERE. Please provide feedback in the same places as before πŸ™‚

Intel EEC3 Trailer Released

Intel have released a trailer for the soon to be released “Intel Extreme Edition Challenge 3 : BLOODLINE” film. The film, created by Simon Bysshe (4K^simonb) covers the LAN finals for the 2 (or was it 4 πŸ˜‰ ) members of the UK Painkiller playing contingent to become 4K members.

The 1:30 minute trailer is set to music alone but runs through the kind of coverage we can expect from the full film. There are interviews, gameplay from the actual tournament, an overview of DM_Sacred , overviews of the LAN environment itself and much more.

The creator of the film, Simon Bysshe had this to add:

This has been the most challenging film of the Extreme Edition Challenge series to make but I think the end result makes it by far the most exciting film yet. I cant wait for the official release on monday next week.

The variety of content & action in this film should make it of interest all gamers & not just Painkiller fans.

Im personally looking forward to hearing PKEUROs own Maniax dulcet tones captured on celluloid (is that still around?). Will we understand him? πŸ˜›

You can find the trailer on the Bloodline site hosted by Jolt HERE. The trailer itself is 4mb and is available in WMV or DIVX formats. The full film will be released on Monday 13th December @ 6pm (UK Time) and will be reviewed here.