I have made a complete MonsterList.txt with all (230) aviable monsters from PK/BooH.

Please post wich monsters you are planing to test in the comments! Like PeTjA from monster 0-20. So we can avoid doubletesting!

For testing try to create small groups with different sizes of the monsters etc.

If U get LScript-errors post them in the comments from your /Bin/script_error.log. And if possible the line from the *.lua that causes the error.

Adrian Chmielarz Interview

MasPingon from the Polish Community had the very rare chance to interview Adrian Chmielarz, the boss of PCF himself on june 13th, talking about so many things …

Since it was a polish interview i wanna especialy thank very much osh for the translation!

Read the Full Interview here.

Keep in mind that the rights for the interview belong to the Polish Community. So dont post the interview somewhere else. Use the link. Thanks.

Painkiller 1.5 announced

Developer: PCF (no news … but soon)
Publisher: JoWooD (thx fleabay)
Release: October 26th 2007 and
Platform: PC

I also found 2 german links

It will be a new stand alone title.
Not just an simple expansion! Including new content + new playable character and a brandnew story. And its built on the original PK engine.

Keep in mind its PK1.5 and not PK2 wich will be (so god will) built on an entirely new engine and released 2008/2009.


The czech developers Mindware Studios, based in Prague, has announced today plans to release (August 2007) a community created SP mod for Painkiller, including new levels, new weapons and new end bosses!

More infos, artworks and screenshots HERE.

PKJAM2 by Uuber

“The first part of this video is some fun stuff playing with the editor and, hopefully, being a little creative.
The majority of it is some jumps and finding a place on Trainstation you may not have been before. I showed a few people this spot in an MP game so it can be reached while playing online.”

The 36 MB *.wmv video is aviable on:

CPL without sponsors

Taken from a CEVO meeting:

“AMD, ATi, BenQ and Pizza Hut come in as a primary sponsor. Razer came in as a sponsor and Plantronics too. The reason most of them came in was because DirecTV was going to be there.
DirecTV pulled out and then they actually had their own little event.
Every one of them spent all this money to get television advertising basically and it never came to fruition.”

Read more about it on ESReality.
Or download the leaked 32MB *.MP3 here.

Poll for fixes

There is a smal chance that blowfish is going to fix some things for the MP part of PK. He would like to know what are the most importand things for you to be fixed.

Please describe the problems exactly as possible!!!

In the international DC Forum (english).
The polish Forum.
The german DC Forum.

Or in the comments.

There is also a new duelmap by killua-chan aviable called DM_Bam. If U would like to have this map in the ESL mappool too, vote at mason-gaming for it.

Trickjumpvideo PKJAM by Uuber

Uuber from the american PK-clan “SLIPKNOT” made a Trickjumpvideo from DM_Illuminati and DM_Absinthe. Its called “Painkiller Jumps and More”.

Check it on Google-Video here.
Or download it (45MB) from SYSs server here (need DivX).

You can post your thoughts in the comments or in the DC forum here.

Painkiller back @ESL

Painkiller is back at ESL.
“All info regarding upcoming ladders, tournaments etc. will be announced shorty in the news and/or this forum.
You can already join the 1on1 Ladder and the 1on1 Re-Opening Cup.”

After some great Painkiller fun-cups, many players waited for ESL painkiller. Also some people are working at Painkiller to make it a better game. So if you are interested in competing join #ESL.painkiller there you can get all the information you need.
More ESL Painkiller admins will be announced soon.

PK-League @ ESL

*CALLING ALL PKERS!* Mason is trying to bring PK back to the ESL. Im pretty sure if more player register the ESL will restart a league.

After U registered please post some comments in the forum.

Are we likely to see a second generation wave of Painkillers? Only time will tell.

JoWooD acquires Dreamcatcher

From Richard Wah Kan, President and CEO of DreamCatcher:

“DreamCatcher is very excited about joining forces with JoWooD. There are some incredible synergies that are now in place that will enable us to build a very strong global company. JoWooD possesses a great line-up of titles, supported by some dynamic brands and we are thrilled about helping to further grow those brands in North America.”

Full article here