Vote: Reopen ESL Painkiller?

Hey painkillers,

it’s just an idea but are you interested in reopen ESL Painkiller section?
We just need as much comments for this news as possible.
Also i need 1 or 2 people who are interested in administrate the ESL Painkiller section.

If you are interested post comments!!!

best regards

mason Painkiller 2on2 Cup

Hey lovely Painkiller players,

im proud to announce that we are trying to run a Painkiller 2on2 Cup at Sunday 16.11.08 18:00CET

You can find all informations about the Cup at or in irc

You are looking for a team mate to play the Cup?
Join our Channel #painkiller.euro in IRC Quakenet
or join the official Cupchannel

Admins will be mason and BoBel

Best regards


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ESLTV relaunch with Painkiller

This Friday, the eSports IP TV Station ESL TV will have its Relaunch. And on of the very first shows will be a feature about Painkiller:Overdose
They will have Richard Haderer, Product Manager of Jowood, live in the Studio, for a little chat concerning JoWood, the company behind Painkiller:Overdose, the success of Painkiller and of course, the features of the new game Painkiller:Overdose.
Afterwards we will have a little Showmatch on dm_blink, presented by our very own mason. Tune in on friday, 23:00 CET at


GL & HF mason

Painkiller Cup #8 ? Vote for it

Hey guys,

some people asked me about organising funcup #8
So if some people are interested there should be no problem to organise it.

You can vote for a Funcup @ my Page
[b][/b] (This time only registered Users can vote so keep sure that you are registered or logged in.)

PS: Please write a comment below the vote that i can see who voted.

If there will be some positive votes then we run our 8th tourney 🙂

HF & GL guys

greetz mason

Painkiller Overdose Demo out !

Hi all Painkiller Fans,

after a long period of waiting im proud to announce that the Painkiller Overdose Demo is out.
There is also a Multiplayer part in with a map that you know.
But i dont want to talk about it very much.
Just download and hf with playing.

You can download the demo from


ESL Ladder

Half a year ago the ESL Painkiller Ladder returned. Now i see that the League is very inactive. I am a little bit dissapointed about that. It would be nice if some Painkiller players would return into the League.

Please join the Ladder

greetz mason

360|mason @ GIGAeSports

After a really nice show at GIGA eSports im really proud to give the people who cant watch the Live show the link to download the record of the Show.
Im very happy about the record because the Quality is OK. Next week i will get the original DVD with 100% Quality.
Also i want to thank DaFi who recorded the Show for us.
I want to see a lot of Downloads at the 360eSports page. 🙂

You can Download the record ->>> Here <<<-

Painkiller @ GIGA eSports TV

*Update* day changed to 11.02.07 !!!

Hi m8s.
Im at GIGA eSports TV @ Sunday 11.02.07 to tell the viewers something about our nice game painkiller.
We talk there about the history of Painkiller and the community. Maybe we will show a showmatch for the viewers and i try to teach something about playing the game. At the end GIGA will show the ESL Cup final commented by me and Nik of GIGA. I think it will be a funny and interesting evening.
So tune in on Sunday 04.02.2007 about 23:00.
You can watch it at Livestream.

Merry Christmas !!!

Hey, PK m8s 🙂
Me and the Painkiller euro team wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year. In my opinion we can look back at a great Painkiller year with very much good news like the nice little Funcups and now the ESL Ladder. I hope you enjoy it.
I hope that we can get more succesfull years in the future.
So merry christmas and a happy new year again 🙂

#pk.2on2 2on2 pickup soon !

Hi m8s, i reopened [b]#pk.2on2[/b] just for fun cause pk 2on2 is very funny 🙂 I will organized echbot to create a 2on2 pickup for everyone. I hope some people join to have some fun ! And dont forget the ESL pk reopening Cup is today 17.12.2006 @ 15:00 CET ! You have to stay in [b]#ESL.painkiller[/b] in IRC Quakenet ! HF AND GL 🙂

ESL Painkiller Ladder 1v1 soon !

If you want to take part @ ESL Painkiller Ladder Join [b]#esl.painkiller[/b] ! We need people there to get the Ladder back ! The chances are good so I think we can get the Ladder back. Also it would be nice if all Painkiller players would write a comment @ !
Please register at and perform the IRC Channel [b]#esl.painkiller[/b] ! The ESL admins want to see people in IRC Channel so gogogo :)!

Painkiller PK++ Funcup #3

Hey guys please sign up in mIRC Quakenet [b]#pk.1on1[/b] at Sunday [b]10.12.2006[/b] ( /query mason“ )between 15:00 and 17:30 ! If you cant connect to mIRC Quakenet you are not allowed to play the cup. You can download mIRC at install and connect to the server Quakenet and join the Channel #pk.1on1 (/join #pk.1on1 ! ) More infos about the Cup in #pk.1on1 between 15:00 and 17:00 !

#pk.1on1 reopened

The IRC Channel #pk.1on1 @ Quakenet is reopened !:) hf and gl 🙂
Next Painkiller Cup @ 03.12.2006 more infos @ Also #pk.1on1 is the official Cupchannel for the next Cup so pls perform this Channel and stay there 🙂 Maybe we can use this Channel as Community Channel for Painkiller.

Painkiller PK++ Funcup by mason

Hey guys i decided to run a little pk 1v1 funcup at 12.11.2006
We will start @ 17:00 and play bestof3 system single elimination.
We will see how many players will participate.
Check out my page for more informations.
All players have to be in #mason in irc Quakenet to take part.
I hope that many people will sign up !:) so gl and hf.

#MR.Painkiller searching 4 guys

MR-Gaming is searching for Painkiller players.
We search active people who want to play Painkiller 2 soon.
Also we are searching some members to practice for cups and to have fun
with each other.
If you are interested visit or #MR.Painkiller #MR-Gaming
at IRC Quakenet. ICQ: 239-497-051 (mason)