Dignitas PK Spotlight 13 SteLam

Continuing again with our series of Painkiller player spotlights, number 13 is SK|SteLam.

Check it out – http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=1162

Team Dignitas: Getting back to PainKiller, how much time are you putting in practising for the World Tour?

SteLam: I’d say I practice for a total of about 10 days a month with like 4 to 6 hours a day during bootcamps. On a normal day I play for about an hour or not at all. I like to take breaks after tournaments, to clear my mind and relax.

Dignitas PK Spotlight 12 – Daler

Continuing with our series of Pankiller player spotlights, number 12 is Daler.

Check it out – http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=1162

Team Dignitas: In europe in preparation for the first WT stop in Turkey we saw a few bootcamps going on, SK and Fnatic, Fatal1ty and Team Dignitas also play.it. How was it on the other side of the pond, did you bootcamp?

daler: I traveled up to New York to bootcamp with Wombat, Cha0ticz, Destrukt, DJ, Geoff, Brett, Thump4. I stayed at Cha0ticz’s place and we all played at Web2Zone, a lan center in New York City. This definitely helped me tons in preparing for Turkey. It is amazing how many things I do before the bootcamp and those things I do after, a completely new player and strats. I hope to be able to bootcamp with the same players for future tournaments.

Dignitas PK Spotlight 11 – Zen

Continuing with our series of Pankiller player spotlights, number 11 is Zen.

Check it out – http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=1153

Team Dignitas: Hi Zen can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Zen: My name is Brian Grapatin, im 22 years old.. and im the first Fully sponsored Fatal1ty player. I grew up playing quakeworld at a high level and then took a pretty long break from fps gaming to play tennis at a division 1 college. After coming back from college I saw a game called painkiller that came out and I figured id give it to shot to see how good I was compared to this generation of gamers.

Team Dignitas interview SK|zyz

Starting off with sakh from EYEballers, last week it was Stermy from Play.it who we interviewd. Today its the very well known zyz from SK-Gaming who we asked a few interesting questions. zyz played Quake3 for the german Q3 topclan Unmatched previously. He then switched to Doom3 and teamed up with SK-Gaming and now after the announcement that Painkiller will be the World Tour Game, he is playing Painkiller with his Teammates SteLam, neok and gitz

The full interview is here > http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=756

Team Dignitas interview Stermy

Part 2 of The Team Dignitas Painkiller interviews:

This week Stermy http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=742

stermy: The hardest opponent will always be Vo0. It is quite obvious – he always been in shape in every single tournament for PK, including ESWC and CPL Summer. I’m very lucky to practice with him because not only is he an excellent player but also a good friend of mine.


Team Dignitas got some Hitmen !

18th November 2004 – Unfortunately we do not have Daniel Garner the hero of the game to unveil but we are extremely pleased to announce the Team Dignitas Painkiller team. Firstly today reptile from Germany joins us and also Ankel from Denmark, who was already in Dignitas playing in the ET/RTCW squad, both players will compete in Painkiller 1v1.

`We have been interested in forming a Painkiller section since the CPL announced the World Tour for 2005. Having already committed our Doom 3 squad to the Winter CPL, which they will attend next month we will unfortunately miss the first World Tour stop for Painkiller. We will for sure have a presence at the world tour stop in Turkey in February and we may also have some more players to add to the team.` said Dignitas Team Manager Michael O’Dell. `reptile joins us today and we welcome him to Team Dignitas. He has played for BOH in Quake III and Doom III and is settling into Painkiller now very nicely.`

`I’m pleased to announce that from now on Painkiller will be the game I’m playing. I always liked the game and now that it has a great future it also seems reasonable to invest time in it.` said Andreas Asmuss aka Ankel.

“I am proud that I can represent Team Dignitas for the World Tour game painkiller” said Deniz Kalkmann aka reptile


Team Dignitas Interview sakh

d`Hamster starts aseries of interviews with top PK players, first up is sakh and it can be viewed here – http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=716

sakh: If I would have to choose a thing that I find important in the game it is to be able to keep up the high speed that the game offers, since I really enjoy this fast paste non defensive games. But it still misses alot of things like PKTV and linux servers, but since this is on the list of CPL requirments, Im sure that they will add this features into the game aswell.