Chains.MOD pre-eswc Interview

Today, PKEuro got a chance to catch up with a couple of the Chains.MOD guys, and ask a few questions about their thoughts on their MOD being used in tournaments such as The CPL & ESWC.

pkeuro: Hi guys, been a while since our last interview, could you please tell us who you are, and what your job role is in the Chains.MOD Dev team?

stR4y: Hi, im Dominik “stR4y” Tomasik, im living in Poland and im 2D graphic artist. My role in Chains.Mod Dev Team is all graphics – hud, new gui, simple item etc. Also im webdesigner and now im working on a new layout for

kAzu: My name is Greg and Im known as kAzu. Like stR4y and most people of team Im from Poland. In our team Im second Client Side programmer. Actually Im working on new GUI and overtime feature at the moment.

pkeuro: How do you guys feel about the way the community has reacted to Chains.MOD?

stR4y: I feel good 🙂 I want to thank all these people, which play Chains.Mod and give us support.

kAzu: The Painkiller community reacted very good. 😀

pkeuro: Now, I know that Chains is going to be used at The CPL and ESWC as the official MOD, what are your thoughts on this? Extremely happy I should imagine?

stR4y: Yes, Im very glad to see our mod on such huge events. I never expected it and i think this is very big achievement. I hope it will help us in work and give more CM users.

kAzu: Im also a Business Director in Chainsmod team so I must talk with organizers of these very huge cups. Sometimes it was very funny, but not always. The worst time was when we were waitng for answers 🙂 Now everybody is happy. I think Chains.Mod should be more popular after these events.

pkeuro: I also hear theres going to be a special edition, just for those particular Tournaments. Can you give us some details on what is going to be in it? 🙂

stR4y: Especially for these tournaments I created a new HUD and MENU. About other things talk with my friend, kAzu. 🙂

kAzu: Yes. Actually we are making special release for ESWC. Specially for this event i did: Overtime, new GUI (which includes client/server config menu) and also I put ESWC logo in game during warmup. I think ESWC competetors will be happy 🙂

pkeuro: Is there anything you would like to say to the people reading this? IE. Server ops.

stR4y: I search sponsor which will give me cash for trip to Texas, USA for CPL tournament 😀 Also I want greet all my friends and family :>

kAzu: I cant understand server admins. We created CM especially for clanwars, cups etc. We did such useful things as rcon, referee for server side. Why admins arent using CM on their servers? I dont know. To gamers I can only say: Thanks. To server ops: Install Chains.Mod on your servers.

pkeuro: Finally, who do you think will win ESWC? :p

stR4y: I think mysod|mess will win 🙂 Polish game, polish mod.. polish winner 😀

kAzu: I hope: our great player – mysod|mess 🙂

pkeuro: Thank you for your time guys, I hope all goes well with future builds, and keep up the good work! 🙂

stR4y: Thank u2 🙂 Greets. 🙂

kAzu: Thank you. Greets goes to painkiller players, all members of dzastfrends crew: overeq, yareq, fUtRzAk, guhard, k4r3n1n, syzmon, My new polish friend CrippLe :), tester for server hosting and all people on #chainsmod channel.

Extras: Screenshot | Chains.MOD Website