Extreme Edition Challenge 3

This December Intel will be hosting their third Extreme Edition Challenge Event. This time around the game will be Painkiller & players will be competing to win the life of a pro-gamer with Four Kings.

Four Kings are offering the winner of the Intel Extreme Edition PainKiller event a paid one-year contract with the clan which will include travel to the CPL World Tour events taking place next year. The winner will also get free travel and an auto-berth into the coming CPL Winter Painkiller event!

Like the previous two events a movie will be made to cover all the action, once again the well known film-maker Simon Bysshe has been brought in to direct the film. To check out the previous Intel EEC film (downloaded over 400,000 times) please click here www.gotfrag.com/extremeedition2

A quote from Simon Bysshe:

“I really can’t wait to see this event take place. The previous two events were excellent for both players & spectators. I encourage everyone who can to attend the event & enjoy the atmosphere. I wish all the players the best of luck.”

The event is taking place on the 3rd to 5th of December in central London. To compete for the chance to win the life of a pro-gamer with Four Kings an online qualifier will be opened shortly.

Stay tuned as more details are revealed over the coming days.

This tournament is open to residents of the United Kingdom only.

Painkiller.euro Invite Tourney

Im sure many of you know, Painkiller.euro is running a 16 player invitational tournament on Saturday November 6th – 7th. In which, you will see such talent as fnatic.Vo0, SK|SteLam, uts.Stermy, mouz|Burnie and many more. The full list of competetors can be found here.

I think the tournament is going to be a very special event, and hopefully produce some very exciting games even though it is online. I wish the best of luck to all players, and may the best man win.

You can find the bracket here and a fancy version of the bracket here. Please be sure to stop by #Painkiller.euro @ Qnet for more information.