Painkiller.euro Invite Tourney

Wow. What can I say? Tonight has been a blast, and I would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone that participated. It really has been a blast.

We started off with some server probs, but got around them fairly quickly thanks to the much appreciated help and dedication from ukgamer. Ive seen some of the greatest shots to date just from these few games, there was air stakes, air rockets and everything. Top class performance from all players.

The praise of the night though must go to Ztrider, who went into a match against the worlds #1 Painkiller player; Vo0. The first map was DM_Sacred where Vo0 came from behind to win 18:13 & then onto DM_Fallen2te, where Vo0 once again came from behind to win 11:10. Ztrider is certainly one to watch.

Tomorrow, we will see the semi-finals and the final played.. these will be

Stermy vs. SteLam & Vo0 vs. Sakh

These will be great games for sure.

You can check out the latest brackets here with the fancy version of the bracket here.

Thanks to all admins that helped out, and SLAYER for providing a server for a match or 2. GGs guys.


Stermy [22:4] SteLam – DM_Fallen2te
Stermy [18:9] SteLam – DM_Psycho