Team Dignitas Interview sakh

d`Hamster starts aseries of interviews with top PK players, first up is sakh and it can be viewed here –

sakh: If I would have to choose a thing that I find important in the game it is to be able to keep up the high speed that the game offers, since I really enjoy this fast paste non defensive games. But it still misses alot of things like PKTV and linux servers, but since this is on the list of CPL requirments, Im sure that they will add this features into the game aswell.

CPL to use Fallen2te + no BOOH

The CPL have just let me know that they will be using default Painkiller for the Winter event and not Battle Out of Hell, due to the delay that was announced yesterday. They also said that there may be some late changes to the version used in the event, as there is a 1.4 update due sometime soon.

Aside from that, they also let it known that they will be using the tweaked version of DM_Fallen2; DM_Fallen2te.

IGN Review Painkiller: BooH

It seems IGN have had the first pleasure of reviewing the much awaited Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell. IGN seem to have enjoyed what they have seen though, which is a big plus for all you Painkiller SinglePlayer fans.


Carnage! Carnage! Carnage!

“The game is coated in supernatural Gothic madness, but you hardly noticed most of the time because somethings flying at you. When somethings not, like in the majority of the haunted orphanage at the beginning of the game, Battle out of Hell briefly transcends the modest trappings of a shameless gorefest and becomes a little bit creepy. Your flashlight flickers and buzzes and doesnt shine very far. You can hear things rattling and groaning in the distance, and torchlight flickers in a gritty, dank corridor. Then a wave of skeleton zombies teleports from the bottom of a staircase, and its on.”
You can check out the full review here and more screenshots of the game here.

Thanks Gas0linE


Over on the DC forums, Adrian has given his reaction to the review.

[PCF]Adrian: “But generally this review is an example of something I call “game journalist mood switch”. Here in Poland I have many friends who work in gaming mags and they all have one thing in common: if the game is to their taste, they easily skip all bad things about it and focus on good.”

You can find that here.

World Tour Stops Announced

The CPL have finally announced the World Tour stops for the The CPL: World Tour.

The CPL World Tour will commence late February 2005 and will travel to 10 (ten) cities across the globe. The tour will offer a US $1,000,000 cash purse, the largest cash prize ever for a computer game tournament. Over 10,000 gamers are expected to participate in the qualifiers, stops and finals.

The 10 stops for 2005 look like so:

Turkey – Feb – Istanbul
Spain – Mar – Barcelona
Japan – Apr – Tokyo (pending final confirmation)
Brazil – May – Sao Paulo
Germany – June – Düsseldorf
USA – July – Dallas, Texas
UK – Aug – Sheffield
Sweden – Sept – Stockholm
China – Oct – Beijing
Chile – Nov – Santiago

The official World Tour website will be launched very soon. You can check the official post where these stops were announced here.