Clan Check Six

Across the pond in the USA, Clan Check Six, (which gained limited notoriety with activities in the CPLs online amateur sister organisation, the CAL, through Counterstrike) has seen more player movements ahead of the Winter CPL.

ESLive reports that Destrukt, arguably the best gamer in North America, has joined Brian DKT Flanders joins the existing PK lineup of Bio, Gimix, and elpajuo and Lexer (of Q3 fame).

The existance of clans in a game where the existing netcode has limited online play to duelling only, would have to call into question the real meaning of clans here. The most obvious incentive for the clans for PK thus far is purely financial in terms of collective sponsorship. Lets hope this has reason to change soon.


Painkiller Custom Pak Extractor

I noticed this over on fleabays Church Of Mod website:

As a lot of you will know, originally for Painkiller pak extraction/compilation, commonly used by Chains/Comp mod etc, used Multiexs extractor plus PK plugin to extract the data files from Painkiller ( , ). Using this you can open up LScript.pak which contains the games lua (or chains etc) and tweak to your hearts content.

It seems now that Multiex has gone a step further and released a tool specifically for PK.

You can find the tool, which weighs in at ~75KB, here:

Enjoy 🙂

Bloodline hits Newspapers

The Intel Bloodline tournament, which will find TWO British players to join the pro-gaming clan 4 KINGS is becoming more and more popular in the news.

The well-known British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote a 2 page article about the event recently, with words from 4Ks founder Tony Aldridge & The CPLs Angel Munoz. The article also gives clues towards possible future CPL sponsors. One of the future sponsors hinted was MTV, one of the biggest known names around.

This is very good news for the British gaming scene, and the world gaming scene too. The British press is well-known everywhere, and such media as BBC provide news and stories around the globe. I just hope more countries will look at this and see a trend.

Source: eSlive

Online 4k Jolt Qualifier

The 4K Jolt online qualifier for the forthcoming Bloodlan has started, with the double-elimination tournament being played to narrow down the non-seeded attendees for the tournament which takes place in London on the 3rd-5th December.

The online qualifier is still in early days with the no-shows being weeded out before the real gaming can begin.

You can find coverage about the qualifier here:

Demos Section Open!

Some of you may have already noticed that a new demos page is now up, with the demos being gradually added.

The most important feature of this page is that you can add and edit your own demos, and screenshots. The demo files are then hosted by pkeuro. Currently upload size is set to 2MB for demos and 512KB for screenshots.

The demos page itself allows you to sort and filter out the demos you want, based on country, player, version, event, map etc.

Moreover it allows us to collect a database of pk demos where there has been a demo-famine up til now with high skilled players being very protective of their tactics. Feel free to contribute.

TsN Tournament

TsN announced yesterday their forthcoming PK Tournament. This provides something for the States-side of the PK community to get its teeth into before the Winter CPL.

All matches will be played on American servers that are agreed upon by both players. If a server cannot be agreed upon, both players will choose a server for their opponents map. In special cases of server disputes, all decisions will be made by TsN staff, in favor of the players.

The tournament will start on Saturday, November 20th, @ 1:00 EST and continue throughout the weekend.

You can find the tournament details post here:

The tournament rules are mostly based on the pkeuro tournament ones, which seem (with the CPL adopting them partly from us also), to have set the standard for duel settings.

Fatal1ty Website

Fatal1ty(TM)s new website was launched recently, along with a lot of ABIT based promotion of the new gaming hardware available under the Fatal1ty brand.

You can find the website here:

The site is heavy on streaming video, of which there are four parts from various sources highlighting the activities of this gamer/brand.

Somewhere under all this is still a successful MP gamer, whos attention, no-doubt, will quickly be turning to focus once again on Painkiller, following his defeat at the Summer CPL, losing to Vo0.

Fatal1tys booth tour still continues, where he was joined recently by another PK player, Zen.

Team Dignitas got some Hitmen !

18th November 2004 – Unfortunately we do not have Daniel Garner the hero of the game to unveil but we are extremely pleased to announce the Team Dignitas Painkiller team. Firstly today reptile from Germany joins us and also Ankel from Denmark, who was already in Dignitas playing in the ET/RTCW squad, both players will compete in Painkiller 1v1.

`We have been interested in forming a Painkiller section since the CPL announced the World Tour for 2005. Having already committed our Doom 3 squad to the Winter CPL, which they will attend next month we will unfortunately miss the first World Tour stop for Painkiller. We will for sure have a presence at the world tour stop in Turkey in February and we may also have some more players to add to the team.` said Dignitas Team Manager Michael O’Dell. `reptile joins us today and we welcome him to Team Dignitas. He has played for BOH in Quake III and Doom III and is settling into Painkiller now very nicely.`

`I’m pleased to announce that from now on Painkiller will be the game I’m playing. I always liked the game and now that it has a great future it also seems reasonable to invest time in it.` said Andreas Asmuss aka Ankel.

“I am proud that I can represent Team Dignitas for the World Tour game painkiller” said Deniz Kalkmann aka reptile