Unicon Duelist Day

This sunday 28th of November Unicon gaming of Manchester England are hosting a duelist competition day. Many games will be included in this competition such as Doom 3, Quake 3, UT2004, and ofcourse, Painkiller. There will be some shiny new mouse mats available for the winners of these competitions.

If you would like to participate just drop an E-mail to Unicon manager, Kal. Leave your name, nick, age, location, and a contact E-mail address or Phone number.

Unicon gaming

The After Effects

Now that the CPL control what happens with competitive Painkiller, what will happen at events such as WCG and ESWC? Will people still be playing Quake 3 and UT2004, Doom 3 maybe? Well our close friend macR from d3euro managed to get a comment from the ESWC president, Matthieu Dallon on this matter:

“We will make our announcement in December. We knew for a while the CPL had exclusivity for Painkiller, and you are right, there is a big question around the FPS game(s) selected for ESWC 05 (official or masters).”

So there you have it, if the top guy doesnt know, who knows!? Looks like we will have to wait untill December for this one.