PC Zone Painkiller tourney

Jolt have sent word that they will be running the 2nd ever PC Zone Readers Challenge for Painkiller very soon. Heres the press release:

As part of the build-up to LAN finals of our 4Kings Intel Painkiller tournament we are planning to run a 32 player single-elimination duel tournament for Painkiller.

This competition will be included in the latest round of the PC Zone Readers Challenge, a monthly series of games that see players competing for a share of 21 generously donated prizes from leading hardware & peripheral manufacturers.

Up for grabs in this Painkiller tournament is a total of 7 prizes, from a range of items such as Western Digital Hard Drives, Plantronics Headsets, Corsair Memory modules, Creative Speaker Sets & Soundcards, MSI Motherboards, Logitech Mice & Keyboards and Asus GFX cards.

Due to publishing deadlines this competition closes for signups on Sunday evening (the 28th November). The games will take place over Tuesday & Wednedsay of this coming week, with the winner being crowned on Wednesday night.

If you would like to entire this competition please head over to this page PK sign-up now and fill in the registration details.

This competition is open to all players from Europe.

Good luck to all entrants, there is some coolarooney prizes to be won.

Fatal1ty Shootout surprises!

Yesterday the Abit Fatal1ty Shooutout came to Finland, making a stop at the Verkkokauppa.com store in Helsinki, where Finns could challenge the infamous Fatal1ty in a 4-minute round of Painkiller. The maps to be played were randomly chosen between DM-Psycho and DM-Sacred. The whole Z-Partio Painkiller squad was in attendance with the following lineup: Timo cubik Hänninen, Tarmo Dread` Juhola, Tommi fack Juhola, Jussi osir Kärpänen and Antti rat Tolvanen.

The former Quake 3 CPMA champion, rat, managed to become the second person to defeat Fatal1ty in his global shootout tour, the only other person being [EYE]sakh who accomplished the same feat a day before at Dreamhack LAN. The Z-Partio player started off well on DM-Sacred but was telefragged(!) in the first minute by Fatal1ty, but managed to grab a frag in the next minute, finishing the game in a 1-1 tie. On the second map, DM-Psycho, Fatal1ty was instantly under pressure, and rat got off to an early lead of 3-0. Fatal1ty managed to catch up and tie, but a last-minute frag put the situation at 4-3 after 4 minutes had passed. However, due to a server bug, the game continued for another 3 minutes, at which point rat was in a convincing lead with 7-4. Congratulations to rat, who will be receiving an Abit Fatal1ty gaming PC worth nearly 2000 euros!

All performed exceptionally well and gave Fatal1ty a very hard time, as is shown in the results below:

  • rat (1-1), (5-4)
  • osir (1-1), (0-1)
  • fack (0-0), (0-2)
  • cubik (2-2), (2-3)
  • Dread` (0-2)

Fatal1ty went on to dominate all other challengers, which underlines the excellent performances of the Z-Partio players. osir, fack and cubik will also be receiving Audigy 2 soundcards for their excellent scores in the shootout.