Painkiller v1.63 CPL Fix Release

DreamCatcher have released a new patch for Painkiller today bringing the version upto 1.63. The patch includes the following changes:

– New version of the Linux server to fix custom maps/finding and manualIP issues with certain Linux versions
– Freezer re-work
– Gold Armor visibility issues
dead-bodies bug

As we do not have the official readme for the patch, this information comes from a post made on an earlier news item by [DC]Robert Stevenson.

You can download the patch from:

FileShack PATCH Linux Server
Fragland PATCH

CPL Turkey Starts Today!!


TSNCENTRAL have the list of seedings up now. You can find these HERE. Still no news on matches.


Thats right.. The long awaited first world tour stop has finally arrived. Players vying for the first $50,000 competition have been arriving all week into Istanbul, all hoping to kick Vo0 from his number 1 perch and get their hands on the $15,000 first prize.

The player list is rather long, but some of the more well known names include:


There are many other excellent players in the roster, and anyone could take it if they have been practising hard enough. Of course, Vo0 will be the favourite at this time, with a pretty much undefeated record across every tournament he has played. Some of the others have come mighty close however and perhaps this time, well see an upset. Cmon the underdogs!!

We asked some of the players who join us in our channel (#painkiller.euro @ quakenet) to give us their predictions for the first 3. Heres a few of those:

d`Odee – 1. Stermy 2. Fatal1ty 3. Vo0
Cubik – 1. Stermy 2. Vo0 3. Fatal1ty
Dom1n – 1. Stermy 2. Vo0 3. Fatal1ty

Think you know better? Put your top 3 in the comments and lets see who gets it right 🙂

Good luck to all who attend! Well try to keep some kind of update going but as its Easter, a number of our reporters are away. Hopefully Aphextwin who is attending the event can keep us all posted here on pkeuro while performing his other numerous endevours. (thanks Aphex!)