Automatic Update for PK++ Server

The following batch file will:

1. Keep your Windows server online
2. Update automatically to the latest PK++ whenever you restart it

It is recommended you set an rcon password, so that you can connect and \rcon quit to force a server restart.

If you are running Painserver.exe or any other executable you will need to edit the commandline as applicable.

Create a batch file with the following text in \bin\ , use at your own risk:

painkiller -dedicated -cfg config.ini -lscripts pkplus.pak -start
rem crude wait to make sure pk has quit
PING -n 1 -w 30000 >NUL
cd ..\data\
updater.exe silent
cd ..\Bin\
goto start

WT final vo0 vs. zyz

The CPL WT final was vo0 vs zyz. We all know that the CPL admins closed all gameserver after the game, directly.So it should not egsist a demo of the final match. But will upload the final, ripped version of the tsn coverage in 800×6 00 .The match will be arround 500mb .