FUSE Show Available For Download

The FUSE TV show covering PK, professional gaming and the CPL Winter event, is available for download, here: ftp://ftp.thecpl.com/defused.zip (570 MB)

The CPL had this to say about it:

The television show DFused premiered “Cyber Jocks” on Monday, April 11th on the FUSE network. The episode focused on professional gaming and the CPL Winter Event in Dallas, Texas.

source : http://www.thecpl.com/league/?s=news&p=newsitem_788

MTV at Barcelona Stop

CPL have announced that MTV will be covering the CPL Spain event.

MTV has confirmed that it is sending a film crew to the next CPL World Tour stop taking place Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1, 2005 in Barcelona, Spain.

You can find the press release, here.

Painkiller Fan Art

Over on the DC forums link, SYS has posted two examples of fan art for Painkiller. The first is a short video (11MB), which you can download here, and second is a picture which is shown below.

You can read the posting on the DC forum, here.


From DC Forums (link)

The final game of these Cup ist at Saturday 20:00 CET(paris, rome , berlin ) .

We have a german Livestream So if u are understand german then listen ! ( no movie , only shoutcast )

Link : Livestream // http://stream.united-radio.net:9500/listen.pls

( 19-22:00 CET the Stream is on air )

// No professional Caster , only xerox and me ^^ //

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