Rocketboy Signs Up For Spain

Today saw Rocketboy register for the CPL Spain event after rumours that he was going to attend the event. Rocketboy is most famous in the gaming world for having beaten Fatal1ty in the Doom3 $125000 Fatal1ty booth tour.

You can find the CPL registration list here:

and an, as yet, empty list of registered players, here:

..which is the official CPL Spain website. Updated ( ) has had yet another face-lift. Previously from the fiendishly fast hand-animation site, we’d seen a transition to heavily graphical version where most of the content was streaming video. Following that it was downgraded to a more simple website, which brings us to the current iteration.

Many parts of the site still seem ‘TBD’, but it is interesting to see a very different approach to professional gaming in portraying a gamer brandname.

We will see Fatal1ty competing in CPL Spain next weekend, and with the recent announcement of the MTV involvement, no doubt will benefit from any positive coverage of the player.

You can find Fatal1ty’s website at and the site’s forum at