Front Page News Open To Members

In order to help keep PKEURO updated with the latest and greatest Painkiller news out there, we’ve decided to open up the posting of Front page news to all members. To submit a news posting, simply login and click the add/edit News link on the right hand side bar.

We open access to the front page with certain constraints in that if we feel a news post is either irrelevant, abusive, or simply “not really that important to the community”, we reserve the right to delete or move the news post to the Minor news section on the right hand side bar.

PKEURO appreciates any news posted by our members and will try its best to make fair decisions on this subject. We look forward to your first (and hopefully many) news posts 🙂

Note, this does not mean we will be not updating the news ourselves anymore. Just that we feel it’s time to open the front page to more writers.

DM_Sacred Bot Waypoints

Mortal has kindly emailed pkeuro with a new waypoint file for PK++ bots for the DM_Sacred map. As you may be aware, along with PK++ came a new bot system allowing offline play vs computer controlled players. This system requires the use of waypoint files to lead the bot around the map. The PK++ team have not had the time to optimise the waypoint files for many of the maps we all love to play and appreciate any help provided by the public.

You can download the file (rard) provided by Mortal HERE. Let us know in the comments if you think this is an improvement on the current setup for DM_sacred.

Again, lots of thanks to Mortal for his efforts.

CAL-PK Season 2 Update

1v1 Open

Schedules will be out tonight at around 10:00 P.M. Eastern. If you expect to play in season two, have your match reported before that time tonight. The tiebreaker maps for this season are as follows:

Week 1: Sacred
Week 2: Psycho
Week 3: Meatless
Week 4: Absinthe
Week 5: Psycho
Week 6: Meatless
Week 7: Absinthe
Week 8: Sacred

1v1 Invite

This will be an off-week for you guys because a large portion of you are currently in Spain. Schedules for your season two week one matches will be released next Wednesday with the 1v1 Open week two schedules. The tiebreaker maps for this season in invite are as follows.

Week 1: Psycho
Week 2: Meatless
Week 3: Absinthe
Week 4: Psycho
Week 5: Meatless
Week 6: Absinthe
Week 7: Sacred
Week 8: Sacred

2v2 Open

Schedules will be out tomorrow night at around 10:00 P.M. Eastern. If you expect to play in season two, have your match reported before that time tomorrow night. For week one, were going to try sometime a bit different. This might just be for week one or it might continue for the rest of the season Itll depend on your response to the admin staff. There will be three maps this week instead of just one. The first map for this week is Meatless, the second is Cursed, and the tiebreaker will be Lukin.