I want to say F*** O**

I want to say “F*** Off”, because i`m angry about theres no PK-TDM-aktivity in 3on3 or 4on4! Why not!?!?!?! Pk could be a very good game in TDM, so why theres no leage-aktivity in 3on3 or 4on4. And dont say the Net-code is too bad for it,…i played a lot 3on3 on DM_Illuminati with my friends and clan-members and it runs good and makes a lot of fun.
Maybee someone can kick the peoples Ass to open a 3on3 leage or 4on4. I build a TDM-Map in Quake-Style, i will release it next week^^,…so please try it with ur friends in 3on3 or maybee 4on4,…it brings much fun,…so look for DM_K3Angeldust ^^…i hope u enjoy it

So if there any TDM-Freaks out there (i know there are^^) please contact us for practise www.Die-Verlorenen-Seelen.de ICQ:280-169-736

by ^K3rN!


DM_Absinthe Bot Waypoints

Mortal has been busy and has created a new waypoint file for the PK++ bots, this time for DM_Absinthe. Mortal tells me that his motivation for this map was to get the bot to hop to the shotgun pillar and get the Gold Armour. Why don’t you try it out and see if he succeeded 🙂

Thanks again to Mortal for his efforts. I’m sure we all appreciate it. You can grab the file HERE. Don’t forget to grab Mortals DM_Sacred waypoint file HERE also.