NewPK 0.2

NewPK 0.2 changelog

-Removed videos at startup
-New Main Menu background
-Added “NewPK Options” menu
-Added 2 minutes overtime for Duel, TDM and CTF modes
-Added frag messages
-Added “player -vs- player” text during Duel warm up
-Electro+Driver Combo: reduced range and increased required ammo to 75
-Ammos: reduced the amount of ammo you pick up from Freezer and Shurykens ammo packs
-Maps: various changes on DM_New_Psycho; partially fixed teleporter textures on “New” maps (thx PeTjA)
-Compiled the scripts, increasing code efficiency and locking the game to possible cheaters
-Increased hitsounds/killsound quality (thx to Jeremy “Mogul” Emerson)
-Fixed ammolist bug
-“Addbot” command for listen servers (the bot will just idle; to remove it change/reload the map)

Previous features and more info in the readme.

Download NewPK 0.2 from HERE

Here is a list of NewPK 0.2 servers: [ITA] (you can callvote maxplayers and gamemode here) [DE] (password: rami)

When there will be new servers (soon) i will write here


Hiho, maybe someone still remember me. I am GodofShaolin aka MaxistXXL. While breakfast the idea of PK-CUP come into my mind. Rules and so on follow soon, but I need ur help. I need servers. Maybe I can save ROD-DUEL, but one should be not enough. So if u own flatrate, >=2Mbit and PK 😉 write to 201135609(ICQ) or

so long

The mod to use will be newPK, because PK++ isnt supported anymore and we have to support newPK to get a mod as good as PK++. U can use both mods, just install PK++ and afterwards newPK, it works.
I wrote a perl-script, which will add autoexec, switch configs and load the right Mod, if u are interested …


If u ask urself what is happen, i decide to wait a short time, so we can use newPK 0.3, supporing rocketfix and maybe warmupdamage. Mason is also looking 4 prices, maybe he will found some.

NewPK 0.1

This mod does not want to change too much PK’s gameplay, it just try to make it more fair and fun.
I made it because PK is a game i liked a lot (even if its obviously not perfect:) and it was sad to see it dying hated by so much people.
Remember this is a 0.1 version: everything is still in testing and could be changed.

NewPK 0.1 features

-New Stakegun damage system: if you have between 1 and 10 stakes ammo (like when you spawn;), your stakes damage will be 100; if you have more than 10 stakes ammo, your stakes damage will be 165 and stakes will have a flaming graphic effect.

-Telefrags removed

-Weapons balance changes:
.Removed Electro esponential damage increase (that made it so overpowered)
.Electro + Driver combo is back! The electrified shuryken inflicts lot of damage in a small area for few seconds but requires 50 Electro ammo.
.Shurykens explode on impact; explosions damage reduced.
.25% increase in stake-nade blast and 12% increase in its radius.
.Doubled Freezer bolt speed.
.Decreased Painkiller combo damage from 300 to 150.
.Increased damage and radius of Boltgun/Heater.
.Increased SMG damage.

-New version of PK maps: these maps have some small changes to fit properly the NewPK gameplay features (to list all changes would be too long…the most “untouched” map is Sacred anyway).
.Completed ones: DM_New_Psycho, DM_New_Q3DM6, DM_New_Absinthe, DM_New_Sacred, DM_New_Meatless.

NOTE: if you dont have the base DM_1v1_meatless and DM_q3dm6_pain maps you will have problems running the “New” versions!
Download them from the following links (and put the .pkm files in Paikiller/Data folder):

-Jumpad bug fixed

-Increased Bronze armor’s protection from 33% to 40%

-New customizable HUD (look below for the console commands)

-Hitsounds and killsound

-Binded “vote yes” and “vote no” commands to F1 and F2

-Added Minigun to PCF gamemode

-DMPCF_Mandra2 included: best map for PCF gamemode

-Fixed Voosh gamemode (missing weapons added)

-Secret MP player models unlocked

More info in the readme.txt inside the .rar

Download NewPK 0.1 from HERE

Interview with Angel Munoz/CPL

MichalCarmacBlicharz(PL) asked Angel Munoz(USA), about the WT. This is what he answered:

For me, that was sort of a transforming experience, to see these guys dedicated and then the people that really benefit that sold… I know how much theyve sold because theyve reported to me. Theyve sold hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of this game, millions really. And they werent really there to support it. That was the negative.

Full Interview

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