NewPK 0.45

NewPK 0.45 changelog

-Electro Combo disabled in Duel mode (requested by many)
-Electro damage increased by 13% (requested by many as well)
-Stakegun damage at spawn increased from 100 to 115 (while it is still 160 after picking up stakes ammo)
-NewPK Options are now divided in “HUD” and “Misc” menus
-Added “Smoke” and “Explosions” graphic options to Misc NewPK Options menu
-Mouse Sensitivity can now be set on accurate values (eg: 12.45)

Previous features and more info in the readme.

Download NewPK 0.45 from HERE (previous NewPK versions are NOT needed)

tTw Painkiller Cup


Start: 29.01.06 at 20 cet
32 Participants
Double elimination (winner and lower brackets)
Mod: NewPK 0.45
Best of 3 maps
Mappool: DM_New_Psycho, DM_New_Sacred, DM_New_Meatless, DM_New_Absinthe
Settings: Gamemode Duel, Timelimit 15, Fraglimit 0, ServerFPS 60


1. Place: 60€ + WRISTEE Pad
2. Place: 30€ + WRISTEE Pad
3. Place: 10€ + WRISTEE Pad
4. Place: WRISTEE Pad

More info on tTw site:

NewPK 0.4

NewPK 0.4 changelog

-Fixed vPK spectator-bug
-Added AutoScreenshot to NewPK Options menu: if checked, it will take a screenshot 2 seconds after the end of the match (the screenshots will be saved in the Data/Screenshots folder)
-Reduded Electro Combo duration from 3 to 2.5 seconds (that also means total combo damage is lowered by 17%)
-DM_New_Psycho: added Bronze Armor; added/moved shotgun ammo
-Fixed vPK ammo bug (wich allowed players to take Electro and Minigun ammo packs even if they already had maximum ammo)
-Removed the blinding graphic effect when hit by Electro combos beam
-Changed Spectator sound and console messages

Previous features and more info in the readme.

Download NewPK 0.4 from HERE (previous NewPK versions are not needed)

NewPK 0.31 [Update]

NewPK 0.31 changelog

-Added rocket fix
-Maps: added DM_New_Fallen2; various changes on DM_New_Psycho
-Projectiles (grenades,rockets, etc) fired during countdown will not longer “survive” after match started
-Small weapons balance changes
-NewPK Options Menu: added Pink and Orange brightskin colors; added “Show Ping/PL” option
-Fixed “Decals Stay” option bug when set to “Off”
-Fixed a small Timer bug when using CountUp (the time was wrong by one second)
-Added “HUD_Timer_Size” in Config.ini (default: 50)
-Fixed rockets damage

Previous features and more info in the readme.


There were a serious issue with rockets damage in 0.3 version; download NewPK 0.31 from HERE to fix it. (previous NewPK versions are not needed)

cOde to Joy

You have to think about them don’t you? Cheeky little fellas that they are. As you fall asleep, or in the middle of the night; somewhere out there, they are playing. How many millions of frags, how many close games, how many times have awesome frags gone unseen. Chatting with each other, hopping around maps without a care. Of course even when all is said and done, it is likely that a large proportion, (if not the majority?) of hours of PK, has been played by PK++ bots.

As a small tribute to them (and yes I know the quality is bad and the content is shockingly awful 🙂 ), I’ve put together a little movie.

Grab it here:


Its been a while, but here is a minor update. This version includes two simple changes which should benefit the hardcore PKers.


ADD: Locked/closed PK++ netcode version so that only PK++ clients can play on PK++ servers, and visa versa*
ADD: No-CD version of the Painkiller.exe

*(If you wish to continue using PK++ on Original PK servers, before you update, rename \data\PKPlus.pak to \data\PKPlusOld.pak, and create a new shortcut called Run old PK++ with: Painkiller.exe -lscripts PKPlusOld.pak as command line. You can then update 🙂 )

As always, you can update your PK++ by running Steamfish (found in \data\Updater.exe). Given the ability for PK++ to change without the guidance of the CPL now, further changes can be implemented soon. Watch this space.