CAL Painkiller Update

CAL-PK administrators are proud to announce that CAL-Painkiller season two will host a 2v2 Team Deathmatch league. Maps for the 2v2 league are not yet set in stone. At this point, the maps CAL is considering for 2v2 include Sacred, Cursed, Meatless, and Lukin. We are open to suggestions, so please submit your suggestions here or on the CAL forum.

In the CAL-PK 1v1 Open and Invite leagues, the maplist will only include maps that are on the primary maplist for the CPL World Tour. This will help to promote the maps designated by the CPL as the superior Painkiller competition maps. This will also provide further incentive for the top Painkiller players to join in and play in the Invite league because they will only have to focus on maps that will be played in the World Tour.

The 16 players who made it to the second round of Season 1 playoffs will be invited to the Painkiller Invite league tonight. Additional players will be invited in the following weeks. Expect to see some great competition in Season 2!


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  1. uhm.. url? :>

    however, in the 2on2 cup / ladder games i played until the following maps turned out to be good in 2on2:
    sacred, ballistic (no, it is not too small), illuminati, cursed

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