PK++ hits v1.0!!

v1.0 of PK++ is now available for download via your friendly SteamFish Updater tool. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it.

Version 1.0 has only the following change:

CHANGE: Minor alteration to rocketfix based on mass public testing. Tweaking now locked.

Hopefully this locking of the rocketfix variables will allow a standard to be set for all play in the future.

If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Also take note of a very handy shell script created by i365-klaude for updating Linux servers with PK++. You can find the thread where Klaude releases the shell HERE, and the actual shell for download HERE.


ADD: \MOTD – sets the server MOTD from the console (intended for use with rcon)
ADD: \PitabotEnabled [1/0] | Cfg.PitabotEnabled – sets pitabot server component active/inactive.

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  1. ADD: \PitabotEnabled [1/0] | Cfg.PitabotEnabled – sets pitabot server component active/inactive.

    …was included due to what seems to be an altercation between pitabot and qstat/ingame server polls – rarely you might have experienced servers randomly not responding. Default is false, ergo off. Hopefully the pitabot dev can look at this soon.

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