Meatless Added to CPL Map List

The CPL ( has announced that it is to include DM_Meatless as one of the four maps in the primary map list for the World Tour. DM_Meatless is currently included as part of the Steamfish update, so no doubt most gamers already have it on their machines, as well as (hopefully )it being on most servers.

You can find the announcement here:;f=30;t=000200

0 thoughts on “Meatless Added to CPL Map List

  1. GAH! I heard some time ago it was looking promising, but the last thing i heard it really sux. Never tried it myself tho :/

  2. its really good clains. i really like the map ESPECIALLY the gold armor room. its so open and yet closed in. it’s awesome. can’t wait for the next stop!

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