xiLe Painkiller 2v2 TDM Cup

xiLe clan have announced that they will be holding a 2v2 TDM cup starting on April 30th May 7th. The Cup will consist of 32 teams and will be played according to the relevant CPL rules through a double elimination tournament. Two maps will be played per match, from sacred, psycho, cursed and illuminati; with a possible deciding map played in the event of a draw.

To sign up for the tournament, email darry.simpkin@gmail.com with the following information:

Name of team
Names of players ( up to 6 per team )
Contact member & Email

You can find out more about the tournament over at www.xilecup.cjb.net

*UPDATE* psycho has now been replaced by meatless.

0 thoughts on “xiLe Painkiller 2v2 TDM Cup

  1. Psycho, in a 2v2, with only two rls, and no ba, and no steak ammo, i would be sooo easy to lock down, bad idea to play pscho in a 2v2 :/

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