TsN Video On Demand Press Relase

The Team Sportscast Network is proud to announce the release of their first wave in a long series of videos that recap the Cyberathlete Professional League’s 2005 Extreme Summer Championships that took place in Dallas, Texas. Relive some of the best moments from the event as TsN takes you on a video roller coaster featuring such great hits as: “The finals for CS:S, CS 1.6 and Painkiller”, “The sponsor booth tours”, “The dead air stare”, “The elevator of Azeroth”, and more!

The Downloads tab on the TsN web site also marks the return of TsN’s Content on Demand system which will allow visitors the ability to watch pre-recorded video coverage and listen to audio commentary from past matches and events.

The Team Sportscast Network would like to thank Intel, NVIDIA, and Insomnia 365 for their continued support of competitive gaming and for assisting TsN’s efforts to bring the most complete gaming experience to gamers all around the world. TsN would also like to extend its gratitude to TypeFrag and Art of War Central for their ongoing commitment to the success of TsN and the CPL.

About TsN

The Team Sportscast Network, L.L.C., is an online broadcast and media organization. Since its inception in 1999, TsN has pioneered the use of online media to deliver programming specifically targeted at the competitive gaming community. Utilizing both video and audio, TsN continues to lead the market through technical innovation and unparalleled quality.

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Brian Kennedy, CIO, Team Sportscast Network, L.L.C.

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