Dignitas Painkiller Spotlight 18

Team Dignitas has once again put some effort in doing a nice interview for the Painkiller audience. This is the first time there is a non-gamer being interviewed for the famous Painkiller Spotlight. The honourable person being chosen for this is no other than Liuokin from TsN – Team Sportcast Network. He is one of the World Tour 2005 shoutcasters and have done an amazing job during all the stops he attended. If you would like to know more about him, painkiller, the world tour and his thoughts regarding the job as a shoutcaster you should definitely read this interview.

Here is a snippet of the interview:
Team Dignitas:
What is the best thing about being a shoutcaster?

Getting the opportunity to work with such amazing talent in a completely new field and being able to spearhead a totally new form of eSports entertainment. You become the link between the audience and the event making the average layman understand the game as if he were a seasoned veteran. That link you get with the audience is priceless.

Team Dignitas:
TSN have improved their coverage all the time and now starts to be and look a bit professional. From your point of view, what should and could be improved for future stops?

We always strive to be professional, in both our video product and our audio. Its not easy going from a radio station to a media station like we have so there is bound to be problems along the way, but we always strive for improvement as you can see throughout the past few tour stops. As far as what we will improve on you will just have to tune in to the next tour stop! =)

The whole Dignitas PK Spotlight interview could be found here.

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